Penny Bird: Collaboration, Wellbeing and Inspiration

Penny Bird, speaker at the February GWII event, A view from the shore: a journey of profound change, is making her presentation available as a webinar to help connect and inspire teams globally.

“Amidst the Covid19 setting, organisation communication needs to shift from a phase of crisis information mode to a focus on collaboration, wellbeing and inspiration. During this phase, the challenge facing leaders everywhere is bringing teams together – mostly dispersed and working at home in isolation – to give them a sense of connection and community. My presentation is a must for teams and groups as they begin to think about what the ‘new normal’ will look like for their business. Team inspiration levels will be higher after just 60 minutes.”

Regional Manager for Swiss Re, Hayley Schell, who attended Penny’s talk, said that she had a renewed commitment to making a difference after the GWII function.

Penny is passionate about spreading the word on the power of inspiration. “Why inspiration? We need it in our lives to boost wellbeing, spark creativity and stimulate each other to take action. It’s my rocket fuel – I can’t be the best version of myself without it!”

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