Handbag theft on the rise

Handbag theft is on the rise as criminals now see these bags as easy targets. Casey Rousseau, from 1st for Women Insurance said from the claims that they have discovered a rise in this form of crime.

“This trend is particularly concerning for women as we live out of our handbags and the loss of one is devastating for personal, convenience and financial reasons,” Rousseau said.

This message comes as South Africa is in the midst of a crime epidemic.

Be constantly aware

Rousseau said when women go out in public, they should ensure that their handbags are a top priority when in public. “Be constantly aware of where your bag is. If it has zips, zip them up. Also, keep it close to your body,” she said.

There were also certain hotspots that people should know where not to place their bags:

  • The passenger seat of your car. Always put your handbag in the boot. The inconvenience of that extra step is far less to deal with than replacing your belongings.
  • A movie theatre. It’s dark and you are caught up in the action on the screen in front of you. Bag thieves often take advantage of this scenario to reach under your seat to grab the bag at your feet or even to take items quietly from the bag. Always keep your bag zipped up and on your lap at the movies.
  • Out of shopping trolleys. When you are shopping, you tend to move between your trolley and the shelves and are often checking a list. If your handbag is in the trolley, it’s very easy for someone to steal the bag itself or lift things out of it. Rather keep your bag on your shoulder.
  • In crowded places. It’s super-easy to snatch a bag in a crowd and then disappear. Be particularly wary in public places, when what seems like an accidental jostle could in fact be an attempt to steal your stuff.



Mphathi Nxumalo



Source: https://www.iol.co.za/dailynews/news/kwazulu-natal/handbag-theft-on-the-rise-19428331