Reflections of GWII’s Chairperson… Rianet Whitehead

The year 2019 heralded a change in the Gauteng Women in Insurance (GWII) committee with Rianet Whitehead stepping in as the new President of GWII.

Her abundance of energy and dedication to the organisation is never ending and having served as the President for the past year, in which she steps down at the end of 2019, she looks back to where it all began and what the future may hold.

  1. In the President’s shoes… what has been the most rewarding experience so far? I had the privilege of stepping in as President in a time when GWII took a whole new direction in terms of its structure and it terms of its purpose and value proposition. Our team was fairly streamlined but it was fantastic to see how each committee member got involved and really used their strengths to the advantage of the association. The most rewarding was to see how teamwork really made the dream work this year.
  2. As a President, what are some of the challenges you have had to overcome? I think the biggest challenge for us all is that fact that we run GWII on top of our normal jobs and when work pressure looms, it is not always easy. With that being said, when you have the right team members and the passion that goes with it, that is not necessarily a big challenge…
  3. What are some of the greatest accomplishments you have achieved as President for the GWII? GWII as an association really stepped up to members’ expectations and I do believe that with our changed strategy and focus we have become a ‘safe place’ for a mix of women with different needs. That for me is great and something I am proud of… an achievement!
  4. Any inspiring last words you wish to share with our readers, as you step down from the position of President? As a founding member of GWII I am proud of what we have achieved so far, and I am excited about the future. There is no doubt that we live and work in a time where we as an association are extremely relevant. It has been an absolute honour to serve you and I thank you for that.

At the GWII year end function Rianet announced Catherine Pienaar as the new President of the GWII for 2020, with Michelle Dee Coetzee as Deputy President, followed by the new incoming committee members: Kyndra Robertson (Retro Rabbit), Milesha Chetty (Leppard Underwriting), Shaazia Khan (Coface South Africa), Terashni Pillay (Discovery Insure) and Wilmine De Ridder (Constantia Insurance).

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