GWII Mix ‘n Mingle – a fun afternoon of bowling

Gauteng Women In Insurance (GWII) rallied up the ladies for a Mix ‘n Mingle fun filled afternoon of bowls, sponsored by iTOO, at the Killarney Country Club on 13 September. What a fun day! If you’re looking for a simple relaxed afternoon, this a good choice… uncomplicated, lawn bowls green, wine, flats and friends! Suitable Read More

GWII CPD session inspires women to lead

Gauteng Women in Insurance (GWII) welcomed members to a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) session, proudly sponsored by Discovery Insure, on 12 September. With the theme of ‘creating, inspiring and leading’, the session saw keynote speakers inspire women to lead, lead better and fulfil their highest potential. The changing role of women in society Precious Nduli, Read More

Five attributes of successful women leaders

Whether they are CEOs, scientists, entrepreneurs or venture capitalists, successful women often share a few key characteristics that are worth taking note of. 1. They are experts in communication  “Communication is a foundational leadership skill,” says Sue von Hirschfeld, a leadership development expert and co-convenor of the Developing Women in Leadership programme at the UCT Read More

Through the eyes of three generations

FAnews sought after the experiences of women in the insurance industry, through the eyes of three generations; a Baby Boomer, Generation X and Millennial. They gave us insight into the challenges and opportunities they currently face as women in the insurance industry, in their different generational categories and looked at what we should be doing Read More

Health screening tests for women: What and when

If prevention is better than cure, why do we often procrastinate about going for health screening tests? “Knowing the results from just a few important screening tests can help in the early detection of diseases like diabetes, hypertension and cancer. This in turn can lead to preventive measures or more successful treatment, which could have Read More

Delphine Maïdou finds her career purpose

While talking with senior women about their financial services careers, I’ve heard how many encountered some distracting ‘noise’ as they progressed, including conflicting advice, opinions or criticisms that would dent anyone’s self-confidence. During my conversation with Delphine Traoré Maïdou, Regional COO with Allianz Africa, I was so impressed how she filtered the distractions in her Read More

Legal Talk – Domestic violence

What is domestic violence? Domestic violence is where a person (“complainant”) is being harmed by another person (“respondent”) while they are in a domestic relationship. What will be considered to be domestic violence? Physical abuse– if the complainant is being injured by the respondent, for example, being punched, kicked or pushed. Sexual abuse– if the Read More

Legal talk: parental rights and responsibilities

Ever wondered what rights and responsibilities you have as a parent? The Children’s Act 38 of 2005 provides that a parent has the following rights and responsibilities towards his/her child: to care for a child; to keep contact with a child; to act as guardian of a child; and to contribute to the maintenance of Read More

Is there a link between breast cancer and birth control?

Specialist surgeon Dr Justus Apffelstaedt was interviewed about whether there is a link between breast cancer and birth control… “Women living in the 21st century are blessed with many modern medical options of which our female ancestors would be envious, with birth control being one of the first that comes to mind,” says Dr Justus Apffelstaedt, a specialist Read More

Inga Beale inspires women to dream big

Whenever I meet female executives who have made it to the peak of success, I love to ask them if they ever imagined they would get there. Interestingly, women often tell me that, rather than ‘dreaming big’, they simply worked hard without knowing exactly where it would lead. I recently learned that even one of Read More