GWII – The Year of YES – March Challenge

The Year of Yes continues… We hope you enjoyed February’s movement month. Now that we’ve nourished our bodies it’s time to nurture our minds. March is Mental Health Month and is sponsored by QSURE. What can you expect? Positive mental health is crucial to each and every one of us as it can influence every Read More

Let’s delve into the basics of self-love

Your self-talk, or inner voice, is where we begin. Picture your inner voice as your personal intercom system. When you slip up – what’s the initial thought that crosses your mind? Do you receive plenty of positive, reassuring, and compassionate feedback, or does that voice bring you down? One of the most impactful changes you Read More

Barriers that face women entrepreneurs – new research

Pay attention to the diversity and challenges of women entrepreneurs Research overwhelmingly shows that founding a new enterprise is more challenging for women than men Studies of women entrepreneurs across various countries have shown that they face marginalisation and isolation from business networks, sexual harassment and unfair treatment, challenges relating to patriarchal attitudes and social Read More

Everyday health assessment: get your resilience score

Research shows that learning and adopting simple habits that are scientifically proven to improve resilience has a huge payoff: being more resilient means you’re better able to navigate life’s challenges from a place of strength and conviction. Resilience may also help you pre-empt and prevent adversities. “The multitude of challenges we have had to face of late – from an unrelenting pandemic Read More

Closing the gender gap: the role of microinsurance in empowering women

When Mary Anyango contracted typhoid in Kenya, her family took her home to die. In nearby Uganda, Betty Waswa suffered complications while giving birth, was hospitalised, and survived. Both women lived on about USD 2 per day. What made the difference? Betty had microinsurance.1 Vital support for all women These painful disparities should not persist. Read More

Empowering women: a guide to financial planning and independence

In an era of increasing gender equality, women are making significant strides in various fields. However, achieving financial independence remains a crucial challenge for many. The gender pay gap, investment inequity, and societal norms are some of the obstacles that women often encounter on their journey towards financial freedom. The gender financial gap The gender Read More

Celebrating a decade of empowerment: GWII marks 10 years of success

As Gauteng Women in Insurance (GWII) reaches a significant milestone this year, celebrating its 10th anniversary, it’s a time to reflect on the journey of empowerment and growth that has defined the organisation since its inception in 2013. Founded by eight visionary women in the short-term insurance industry, GWII was established with a mission to Read More