Mix n Mingle – Self-Love Session: Eat, Move, Thrive

Life is busy, were overcommitted, were stressed out, a little tired and somehow we’re only weeks into the new year! And what is the first thing to plummet from the priorities list? Ourselves of course!

With February being the month of LOVE, Gauteng Women in Insurance (GWII) injected a little self-LOVE into our daily rituals as it hosted a Mix n Mingle – Self-Love Session: Eat, Move, Thrive, on 10 February, with main sponsor Discovery, and co-sponsors Chubb, Innovation Group and One Financial.

Ready to move from surviving to thriving, the ladies learned how to eat and move to optimise both body and mind, with guest speaker Angie Daubermann (Health & fitness coach, entrepreneur & founder of the LEAN GIRL brand).

A mental shift

Are you struggling to see results even though you are eating healthy and working out?

“Here’s the thing… when you’re eating delicious, satisfying, calorie conscious meals... you don’t need crazy amounts of willpower to stick to your diet! The ultimate secret to both getting and staying lean for life is to eat foods you love while ensuring you follow the simple calories in versus calories out principle! If you can master this, you’ll be free of dieting for life - allowing you to be more flexible than ever before, while getting predictably lean!” she said. 

Do you keep on wanting to change but find yourself in the same cycles! There are a few mental shifts, according to Daubermann, to create the thinking you need, to ignite some new feelings, create some new positive actions and then BOOM - some different results:

  • The first step to changing any behaviour is to change your thinking! You cannot change your actions without changing the feelings/thoughts/emotions/beliefs which come before them.
  • Stop with the timelines.
  • Seek to understand your body.
  • Stop relying on willpower and discipline and make your strategy enjoyable; and
  • Realise that results are the outcomes of our actions.                                     

“Get off the scale. Stop allowing a meaningless number to dictate your mood or make you feel like your efforts to get lean are not paying off. Find a fat-loss (not weight-loss) strategy that you can image yourself following for an extended period of time. If your plan is so extreme that you can’t follow it for more than a few days, it is not a fat-loss strategy for you! Stop doing the same things and expecting a different result. Write down 3 small unhealthy behaviours that continue to kill your results. Commit to tackling one of these behaviours each week and re-designing your lifestyle into one that supports your lean-bod goals. Today is the day you make that change!” She said.

“Quit the meal plan that has no flexibility and variety, which leaves you feeling bored and restricted. Rather design your personalised meal plan for predictable results based on your very own energy requirements, goals, preferences and lifestyle. Understand the why behind your food choices, giving you the confidence to make the best food choices in any situation (at restaurants, buffets, while shopping, on holiday, ANYWHERE). Now this is not to say meal planning is for the birds. Meal planning is a MUST. But it needs to be created by you, with your goals, your macros, your preferences and your lifestyle in mind. PLUS, you need to have the knowledge to be flexible - should life happen, and you cannot follow your perfect meal plan. Please don't buy a 1200 calorie meal plan or google random meal plans and follow them blindly. It is just keeping you stuck. Instead - take the time to understand the science of nutrition and build your OWN and you'll see the magic start to happen,” she added.

What is the best diet?  “Well, there is no best diet for everyone... however the criteria remains the same for everyone wanting to be successful on their fat-loss journey! These criteria are that it creates a calorie deficit, helps to controls the appetite, provides optimal nutrition and is enjoyable to follow long term. If you are missing any of these, you either won't lose fat at all (without being a calorie def) or you won't be able to sustain the diet for any significant amount of time. If you're considering any diet to lose fat, be sure that it ticks these boxes and you'll be quick to weed out the diets that you should kick to the fad-diet curb,” she emphasised.

A new approach to workouts

We’re all under the impression that we should be working out to burn more calories when in fact we should be working out to build lean muscle. Here are 3 actions, according to Daubermann, you can take right now:

  • Lose the hours of cardio & HIIT training at the gym and instead find a weight training program which is going to get you 1000x better results in less time;
  • Learn how to master your diet to create a calorie deficit instead of over exercising; and
  • Forget the fear of ‘getting bulky’ and start training like the leanest girls on the planet!

“You don't need to be perfect - you just need to be consistent! Instead of waiting for the BIG turn arounds - focus on the micro moments which compound into massive change! Write down your very own list of just 10 choices you have each day and become focused on aligning these choices with your goals. Remember, it’s what we do most that counts, not what we do occasionally. Don’t beat yourself up after one bad day… and don’t expect miracles after one great day,” she concluded.

Prize winners

Congratulations to all our prize winners who walked away with amazing prizes:

  • 2 x Lean Girl Kitchen Coach vouchers
  • 2 x Body Lab vouchers
  • 1 x JBL Bluetooth Headset, sponsored by Tracker

Thank you

GWII would like to thank main sponsor Discovery, and co-sponsors Chubb, Innovation Group and One Financial for their sponsorship and support for this event.

Thank you to all the members who attended this event. We hope this session will enable you to be healthier, become more fit and energetic, with increased and sustained vitality.

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