I woke up like this! Awesome overnight skincare routines you have to try

Overnight skincare routines are crucial for the health of your skin.

Busy mornings deprive most people of the time they need for a complete skincare routine. Nighttime regimens are great since they allow skincare products to work while you are sleeping.

Here are a few nighttime routines you should try for amazing skin.

Enjoy an overnight sleep mask

Overnight masks are applied during the night to boost moisture and treat all kinds of skin concerns while you sleep. From skin irritations to acne and more, you will find the right mask for you. They guarantee glowing skin in the morning that everyone will notice.

Face oils or serums

There are certain face oils that your skin needs but are too heavy to apply during the day. This makes them perfect to use during the night so you wake with that youthful look you want.

Acne treatment

Get rid of acne by applying acne patches that treat acne while you sleep for great looking skin the next day.


Treat congested skin overnight by using exfoliating acid treatments as well as retinol that is great for nighttime and will leave your skin looking renewed and hydrated.

Get your lips in tip-top shape

Avoid having cracked lips by applying a scrub containing sugar and coconut oil or just use a soft toothbrush at night for soft, gorgeous lips during the day.

Hydrate your body

Apply body oils or lotions on all the nooks and crannies of your body to give it an even, healthy look and amazing feel.


Article by
Andile Mthimkhulu