Meet GWII’s new Vice President Michelle-Dee Coetzee

Gauteng Women in Insurance (GWII) is pleased to announce that Michelle-Dee has been voted into the position of GWII vice president for 2019.

Stepping in as the new VP, we ask Michelle a few questions about herself and her commitment to the association.

Q.Why did you get involved with GWII and how do you believe this platform is beneficial to serve the industry?

A. I believe in GWII’s renewed value proposition, the spirit of inclusion and collaboration across the industry.

I have experienced first-hand the significance it has brought to my life professionally and personally. I joined the network and later the committee to play my very little part in serving the industry that I thrive in, and ensuring that GWII continues to grow from strength to strength for the progress of the women who drive our industry forward.

Q. What excites you about the year ahead and the role you will be playing on the committee in 2019?

A. I am very excited about leading the Transformation portfolio and the boardroom discussions about gender mainstreaming in management positions. I am passionate about advocating for gender-balanced business leadership within our industry.

As such, we have partnered with Business Engage and the 30% Club, whom host Leader Walks in every sector to nurture the development of aspiring directors, senior management and ear-marked individuals to help them unlock their future potential in a very practical manner. It is short, sharp sessions that pack a punch!

This is will be a first for GWII and it is also the first time our gentlemen colleagues will be invited to participate at our events to contribute their experience and expertise to the round table discussions. Watch this space!

Q. What excites you the most about being voted in as vice president?

A. I have been privileged to serve on a committee with founders, chairladies and committee members who are leaders and mavericks in their field. Under the leadership of Nicky Eveleigh and Rianet Whitehead, GWII enters a new era with a refined vision, value proposition, new portfolios and refreshed branding.

I am deeply humbled by the vote of confidence to lead an association of over 1500 members in the near future. The role of the vice president is positioned perfectly to learn from the experiences and expertise of the current president and deputy while forging your own future path to lead. My success will be built on the shoulders of these phenomenal women and will be benchmarked at how well the next wave of leadership continues to drive GWII forward.

Q. As the youngest future president of GWII, what advice do you have for the next generation of women who are beginning their careers in our industry?

A. Surround yourself with people that demand the best from you. Educate yourself. All the time. Never settle or stop growing because nobody is indispensable. Don’t subscribe to the notion that a woman must be all things to all people at all times to be deemed “successful” or to “have it all”. The woman you were born to be may cost you jobs, relationships, spaces or material things. Choose her over everything else. Have a side hustle. The best way to build yourself up is to build other women up around you. And when you have reached the top, send the elevator back down!