GWII and IIG celebrate LOVE and LAUGHTER during lockdown

There really is truth in the old adage, “Laughter is the best medicine”… this has never been more important than during this time of lockdown!

With the theme ‘Love and Laughter during lockdown’, Gauteng Women in Insurance (GWII), in collaboration with the Insurance Institute of Gauteng (IIG), hosted a Women’s Day webinar… because we have to have some LOVE & LAUGHTER during LOCKDOWN!

The order of the day

With Emerald Risk Transfer as the main sponsor, and Camargue Underwriting Managers, Discovery, Genasys Technologies, Marsh, Santam and Sasria SOC Ltd as co-sponsors, the event boasted the perfect ambience for a Women’s Day celebration… right in the very comfort of our own homes!

GWII President, Catherine Pienaar, opened the session with a welcome and reminder of what we were celebrating, thanking all sponsors with an introduction of Trevor Gumbi, a South African comedian, writer and actor best known as co-host (and voice over artist) of the Mzansi Magic entertainment magazine show Headline.

Gumbi had the audience in giggles as he covered the antics of lockdown madness with kids in just the right proportions.

Tshepiso Chocho, Deputy President for the IIG, then opened up the panel discussion with career driven women Henriete Senekal, Chief Executive of PSG Short Term Adminiostration, Tashniva Angadh, Business Development Managar at Hollard Insure and Thokozile Mahlangu, CEO of the Insurance Institute of South Africa (IISA).

Gender based violence

Gender based violence is a real issue we are facing in our country. “Let’s make noise about it, so things can change,” said Chocho.

“The situation in South Africa is devastating, nightmarish and heart breaking. It is a serious crisis. There has to be a targeted approach on government effort to eradicate this level of violence with women. There are a lot of factors at play. There has to be a coming together with experts, the community and active concerted effort from government to eradicate this crisis. It falls on all citizens. The solution is not one sided,” said Angadh.

“It is important that we help educate people. The vulnerable are the hardest hit. It’s never been a better time than now for women to seize the moment and help society by sharing their stories,” said Senekal.

We need to get to the root cause and empower women to speak out and express what is happening. Women take a dormant approach but we have to speak out, seek out people who can help us, that we can confide in and walk the journey with,” said Mahlangu.

“We are in a period of change and we can only hope for change,” said Choco.

Career driven women

When asked what her three success habits are Mahlangu said, “Never stop learning, continuously empower yourself. Apply the knowledge you have learned. Try it out, allow yourself to fail, get up and try again. Success is a journey. You don’t wake up to success. Stretch yourself, allow yourself to fail and continue.

Senekal said the barriers to success is that women tend to be agreeable. “We need to learn to speak up for what we stand for. Work hard, learn, keep up with news and trends… it will widen your knowledge, you will be more confident and you will speak with authority. Choose wisely when making career choices and which company you will work for. Choose a job for long term success.”

Angadh said women are already wired to deal with change and challenges. We have the ability to multitask. We just have to take charge, insert ourselves in decision making roles and take opportunities.

A virtual experience

Chocho then called on eight volunteers to participate in an online interaction with one of the TOP mentalists in the world. Larry Soffer, with his unique capabilities to read minds, predict thoughts and show other mentalism effects, engaged the women in a virtual experience. The ladies each received a R250 Takealot Voucher for their efforts and participation.

Lucky draws 

Attendees had to social media #IIG_GWII_LLL to stand a chance to be entered into the lucky draw prizes. Salome Van Der Mooren, Office Manager of the IIG, then thanked all the generous prize sponsors, who made many hearts happy. Van Der Mooren and Wilmine De Ridder, GWII Committee member then had the joyful task of announcing the winners of the lucky draw prizes. The sponsors were:

  1. Bair Recruitment Group sponsored one portrait photo session to the value of R 5 000 (including make-up artist)
  2. CIA Building Insurance Specialists sponsored two Crossbody bags valued at R950 each
  3. Clyde & Co sponsored a Nougart hamper
  4. Cyan Re, The Digital Forensic Lab sponsored a R500 Placecol voucher
  5. Emerald Risk Transfer gave away two Takealot vouchers valued at R1000 each
  6. Everinghams Inc. gave away a bluetooth speaker/headphones
  7. Lloyds Warwick sponsored one L'Oréal hamper
  8. Thatch Risk Acceptances sponsored a R350 Sorbet voucher

And for the grand prize giveaway… drum roll PLEASE!!! GWII and IIG gave away an all-inclusive 2 night’s accommodation package at the 5* Tshukudu Bush Lodge worth R30 000. This includes welcome drinks on arrival, all meals and two daily safari activities.

Charity initiative

In the closing speech Carla Jordan, immediate Past President IIG & a Founding Member of GWII thanked sponsors, panel members and all the ladies for taking part in the webinar. She mentioned that the IIG and GWII will be donating all surplus from this event to the IIG Academic Programme, which this year is in partnership with GIFS and MTN, and supported by SASRIA, Hannover Re, Guidewire and Bryte.

This year is the start of a class which will end with 300 students going through the programme which provides an insurance qualification, RE, business professionalism courses and interview skills to empower youth from specifically under-privileged backgrounds, and to grow the insurance talent base.

Thank you

GWII would like to thank the main sponsor Emerald Risk Transfer, and co-sponsors Camargue Underwriting Managers, Discovery, Genasys Technologies, Marsh, Santam and Sasria SOC Ltd, for their sponsorship and support for this event. Without them this would not have been possible.

And lastly, to all GWII members… remember Love and Laughter is the best medicine during this time of uncertainty. Continue to find inspiration in each of your success stories.