GWII e3 Leadership Programme

“Change is inevitable but personal growth is a choice.” Bob Proctor

One of the key pillars of GWII is the professional advancement and personal development of women, through networking and leadership programmes.

How do we do that?

GWII partner with the best to support women in their development, enabling their growth for them to unlock their full potential.

In collaboration with The Networking Company (, GWII are taking leadership development to the next level.

Who can attend?

This course is open to all GWII members. Please note, however, that there are only 30 spots available for this course.

A bit more detail

The course will run over a period of six weeks, with one full day session on a weekly basis, starting 16 February 2019. The modules offered on the programme are:

Personal Mastery
  • Develop business and personal confidence to handle challenging contexts and people;
  • Learn how to adjust behaviour to respond flexibly under pressure;
  • Gain insight into your own strengths and weaknesses and how to leverage them in meetings and presentations;
  • And more…
Personal Branding & Networking
  • Realize the importance of developing your own personal brand. Develop your own personal branding strategy to elevate your visibility;
  • Gain insight into the “Mars and Venus” of networking across genders;
  • Master the art and science of small talk;
  • And more…
Business Disruption – Innovation Readiness
  • The impact of digitalisation in financial services;
  • A lesson in ‘Refusing to Allow Learning & Progress to Happen’;
  • Delve into the Still Human Innovation Readiness Model;
  • And more…
Hold Your Ground
  • Develop business and personal confidence to handle challenging contexts and people, both during meetings and presentations;
  • Learn how to hold your ground in difficult situations;
  • And more…
Power Presence
  • Understand the essence of “presence”;
  • The confidence and competence to think on your feet, assertively stand your ground and have challenging conversations that result in positive outcomes;
  • Cultural sensitivity;
  • And more…
Career Management
  • Strategic insights into levels of work;
  • The differences between sponsorship and mentorship and why you need both;
  • And more…
Mindfulness - Resilience & Stamina
  • The neuro-science of ‘Mindfulness’;
  • The old story versus the new story;
  • And more…
Strategy & Innovation - Innovation into Africa
  • The changing economy of Africa and its impact on your business;
  • How do you become individually competitive;
  • And more…
Navigate Corporate Politics
  • Understand the difference between legitimate (positive) and illegitimate (negative) corporate politics so you can distinguish between different types of politics and act accordingly;
  • Network strategically and build broad alliances so that you have access to information, opportunities and support when you need it;
  • And more…
Leadership Immersion
  • There is a strong emphasis on exposing delegates to innovative businesses in Alex, where owners are interviewed and delegates are able to observe, ask and effect on what this means for the future;
  • There is an extensive debrief at the end of the day by skilled facilitators where everyone is given an opportunity to share their insights and their reflections;
  • And more…
Image by the House of Janine
  • How you translate your personal brand into your visual image; and
  • How to maximise your visual appearance.

Where and when?

Where: Camargue Underwriting Managers (33 Glenhove Rd, Melrose Estate, Johannesburg)

When: Fridays. Starts at 8:00am and finishes at 4:30pm

There will be refreshments and a light lunch: generously sponsored by Camargue Underwriting Managers.

What is the cost?

R18 500 (excl VAT)

What is the value proposition for our company?

Other than the obvious benefit that you, as a company, will enjoy through the development and growth of your staff, you have the option to submit a business problem which you would like to be solved. At the beginning of the programme, the participants (in their respective groups) will choose one of the business problems from all the submissions received. Each group must then present a solution to the problem at the end of the course. The programme will coach them on how to consider the problem at hand and deliver the best possible solution. This is not mandatory, but an ideal way for companies to extract even further value from the programme.

Are you keen?

If you are interested in attending the GWII e3 Leadership Programme or you would like to send a few of your staff members on the course, please send an email to Do you need a little bit more information before you make the final call? Please feel free to email Paula for more details.

Closing date for applications

The closing date for applications is 30 January 2019.

Let 2019 be your year of making a difference and making a change, whether it is for yourself or for someone you believe has unleashed potential. It’s time… take the step!