GWII Leaderwalk: Leading Tomorrow

In collaboration with Business Engage and the 30% Club, Gauteng Women in Insurance (GWII) hosted a Leaderwalk on 17 November, with main sponsors Camargue and Innovation Group, and co-sponsors Constantia, F&I Insurance, F&I Reinsurance, Genasys and Marsh.

The Leaderwalk concept nurtures the advancement of senior management and aspiring leaders by providing a platform to share expertise, master skillsets and cement networks.

Inspirational and transformational insights

Themed Leading Tomorrow - the topic focused on navigating disruption and change.

Guest speaker Vusi Thembekwayo, a venture capitalist, best-selling author, renowned entrepreneur and global business speaker shared inspirational and transformational insights on business.

He said his passion is to make leaders the best versions of themselves. “When we talk about how leaders lead in the modern day, they lead with gratitude and understanding. In the midst of the challenges we find ourselves in, the opportunity to lead is the privilege to serve. Lead from a position of gratitude.”

“Gratitude is a great place to start, it reminds us that we too, as leaders, are human. How much gratitude have you practiced in the last year? Have you thought of how lucky you are that you get to lead?” he said.

“Lead from the position of gratitude and recognise that how you think of value has changed. How has value changed? Humans are no longer adjusting to the world of work, but the world of work is adjusting to us. Identities are shifting and changing… have you shifted how you are managing, engaging, and motivating your people? Have you thought of your wealth (not in terms of money) but your value add, your people, your relationships? That is true wealth. Have you thought about your legacy and the legacy you want to leave behind? Value is also changing in terms of the archetype of masculinity - when you lead, you will lead different types of people, with different identities – (there is where we talk inclusion, gender, languages, ethnicity), etc… is your language inclusive? The things we also did years ago, to be paid, has changed. People expect free things… most problems, for example, are solved by a phone now. Something that turned out to be free, has turned out to be more free… the World Wide Web has changed how we interact, engage and transact. How are you using “free” in your own business to drive achievement?”

“In your leadership journeys, with your teams and those you manage, share, collaborate (work together) and trust (trust is everything. It gives you speed… when an organisation has trust you can tell, because of how fast people move). Do what you say and say what you do! In getting the best out of your teams, give your team something aspirational to work towards, a goal, a vision etc.,” he concluded.

A discussion

We thank our table hosts (below) for accepting our challenge to facilitate discussions:

  1. Andisa Liba (Deloitte)
  2. Audrey Husayihwevu (Aon South Africa)
  3. Gerhard de Bruin (Camargue Underwriting Managers)
  4. Imraan Rasool (Innovation Group)
  5. Nthabiseng Miller (Innovation Group)
  6. Sandra Boy (F&I Insurance, F&I Reinsurance)
  7. Theuns Prinsloo (Marsh)
  8. Toska Kouskos (Constantia)

In some of the feedback, table host Rasool said, “To really facilitate diversity and inclusion we really need to understand what tools are available to us as leaders.”

“Consistency, supporting each other and work life balance are important,” added Boy.

“It’s important that your team feels trusted and that you build them up. Speak life into them and tell them how good they are. Also, have a positive, good energy that builds and inspires teams,” said Prinsloo.

In concluding, all the panelists agreed with the sentiments shared, that sharing, trusting and collaborating are important key factors.

Thank you

Thank you to all the delegates who attended this event, we hope that the session provided inspirational and transformational insights on business.

Thank you to our sponsors Camargue and Innovation Group, and co-sponsors Constantia, F&I Insurance, F&I Reinsurance, Genasys and Marsh, for making this event possible!

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