GWII Arabian Nights Year-End Function

Gauteng Women in Insurance welcomed members to its ‘Arabian Nights themed year-end function with main sponsors Camargue, Genasys, Hollard, and ONE, co-sponsors Chubb, Guardrisk, Guy Carpenter, Innovation Group and Sintelum, and complementary sponsors BAIR Insurance Recruitment, GIB Insurance Brokers and Transition Risk Solutions.

A delightful sight

A magical night under the stars, the event, hosted at ONE in Bryanston, was centered around rich textures, sumptuous food and drink, lots of colour and luxury.

Adorned in gold and sequins, and dressed for the theme, the women let their imagination run wild with colourful and eye-catching picks, in fuchsia pinks, burnt oranges and decadent reds.

Boosting a tent, drapes and lots of textured fabrics and furniture, the luxurious interior was set for the Arabian Nights theme, where on arrival, guests were treated to welcome drinks.

GWII also gifted the ladies each with a Pink Trees for Pauline #doekwithadifference and earrings.

A reflection of 2021

Welcoming members, GWII President, Catherine Pienaar, then opened up the formalities with a reflection on the year that was.

“2020 brought about unprecedented change in South Africa, with far reaching ramifications. Optimism painted a rosier picture for 2021, with the promise of vaccinations and a hope to the end of what had become our new normal. Whilst the lockdown restrictions were a lot less restrictive than what we had experienced last year, the pandemic continues to play a significant part in our lives and challenged GWII to interact with members in a responsible manner. In practice, this meant constant discussions as to what the responsible course of action would mean, in terms of the decision to hold in person events, whilst being mindful that our members were undoubtedly feeling some sort of fatigue as far as virtual events were concerned. Whilst we would have loved to host more in person events, to catch up with beloved industry peers, we just had to ensure that we took the decision which would ensure the safety of our members. And so, we embarked another year of trying to present interesting, fun, different virtual events which would not only allow us to engage with our members, but still ensure that they were benefitting from presentations including important, relevant, and captivating content. We are, however, delighted to be able to end the year off with an in-person year end event, to catch up with you, our beloved members,” she said.

“We dare say our committee rose to the challenge, and the GWII continued to maintain a strong presence, delivering frequent, interesting events which would prove to challenge, engage and interest our members,” she added.

Pienaar then went on to highlight some of the inspiring and significant events of 2021.

She concluded by saying that she is really hopeful that 2022 will bring the opportunity for the committee to have regular in person engagements, not only with each other, but also with GWII’s member base. “The current construct has robbed us all of the opportunity to build and nurture these relationships.”

Catherine then introduced the current GWII committee, bid farewell to Tammy and Wilmine, and  introduced Catherine Naidoo as the new President of the GWII for 2022, with Shaazia Khan as Deputy President.

Adri Jansen van Nieuwenhuizen, a breast cancer survivor and MD of Pink Trees for Pauline (the nominated charity) then took to the stage to share her story.

A magical night

Off to do some networking and sip on cocktails, with a photo booth, sponsored by Genasys, the ladies then snapped away and captured the fun, while listening to lively music.

Bringing the real life and soul to the party with some Arabian music, belly dancers added some extra glamour and sparkle to the evening. This, followed by a Mediterranean themed dinner, where guests indulged in Arabic-inspired food.

An Arabian night of mystique and adventure, the guests then watched in awe - a fire dance performance with bright burning flames… a real visual delight.

Lucky draws

Big prize giveaway… a few lucky ladies walked away with fantastic prizes donated by sponsors. We would like to thank the sponsors who contributed to the prizes.

  • African Frontier Risks;
  • Bair Insurance Recruitment;
  • CIA Building Insurance Specialists;
  • CIB;
  • Digicall;
  • HIC Underwriting;
  • Identity Guard;
  • Mirabilis Engineering Underwriting Managers;
  • MUA Insurance Acceptances; and
  • Thatch Risk Acceptances.

An Arabian Nights theme, of course, is not complete without yummy treats… from brownies and short bread squares to a variety of sweets and chocolates, there was a treat to suit everyone's tastes.

Once the formalities for the evening came to an end, members were brought to their feet to dance the night away.

Thank you MUA Insurance Acceptances, for sponsoring our photographer for the night!

A charitable cause

As customary, members were asked to bring along a R50 for the nominated charity, Pink Trees for Pauline. They also brought along an old but decent bra for Zabra.

We would like to thank each one of you for your donations.

Thank you

GWII would like to thank main sponsors main sponsors Camargue, Genasys, Hollard, and ONE, co-sponsors Chubb, Guardrisk, Guy Carpenter, Innovation Group and Sintelum, and complementary sponsors BAIR Insurance Recruitment, GIB Insurance Brokers and Transition Risk Solutions, without them this would not have been possible.

And lastly, to all GWII members thank you for attending this event. Until our next event, we wish you have a wonderful and safe festive season, and a blessed 2022.

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