March 2022

Mix n Mingle – Self-Love Session: Eat, Move, Thrive

Life is busy, were overcommitted, were stressed out, a little tired and somehow we’re only weeks into the new year! And what is the first thing to plummet from the priorities list? Ourselves of course! With February being the month of LOVE, Gauteng Women in Insurance (GWII) injected a little self-LOVE into our daily rituals Read More

Own your financial journey and thrive

It’s a long-held truth that if you uplift women, you uplift society. Women have come a long way in empowering themselves, excelling in areas from arts and sport, to business and politics. Yet, when it comes to their finances most women still shy away. Financial decision-making A Financial Wellness Component Score in a Momentum/Unisa Household Read More

Women… beacons of hope for what is possible

Kamala Harris.  Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala. These are some of the well-known names of women who have become beacons of hope for what is possible. Yet, many women continue to face steeper challenges in society, and this has become even more evident due to the coronavirus pandemic. According to Mercer’s 2020 When Women Thrive global studies, which Read More

How to empower women around you

Practice kindness True kindness starts with being kind to yourself. Are you constantly putting yourself down? Do you engage in body-shaming, towards yourself (or others)? Are you apologetic about what you want from life? People will look at how you behave first, before listening to what you have to say. Once you’ve corrected your critical Read More

Do you struggle with building a network? 5 networking tips for women

A woman in one of our leadership programs bristled at the idea of strategic networking. “It’s self-serving and political — and not who I am,” she said. She isn’t alone in her reaction. Many women in our leadership programs tell us they resist networking. The problem is, a network left to chance isn’t the network Read More

Here’s how to protect yourself in everyday situations

Gender-based violence is another ‘pandemic’ that is targeting South African women. You need to know how to protect yourself… We are constantly aware of our vulnerability, and our need for self-defence… We try not to walk on the streets alone, we guard our drinks when we’re at a bar (pre-pandemic), we hide our cash in Read More

Legal Talk: Types and Jurisdiction of South African Courts

South Africa has a number of different types of courts. Which court you approach or will hear your case will depend on the case.   Courts       Jurisdiction Constitutional Court The highest court on all constitutional matters. Matters are referred to it from the Supreme Court of Appeal or the High Court. Certain Read More