January 2021

GWII members complete WiLD Programme

The Gauteng Women in Insurance (GWII) 2020 Women in Leadership Development Programme (WiLD), presented by Leeann Naidoo from Concordia, has now come to a close. Aimed at women in middle to senior management positions, aspiring for senior leadership positions within the insurance sector, the course, which ran over a period of six weeks, supported 22 Read More

Meet the new GWII committee members

Catherine Naidoo Executive: Product Innovation Group 1. Tell us a little about yourself and your career in insurance. I am currently heading up the Product Division at Innovation Group. The job description includes overseeing the Product Development, Underwriting, Pricing, MI/BI and Support Account Management Teams. My career in insurance started 27 years ago, where I Read More

4 things you should add to your new year’s resolution in 2021

Making new year’s resolutions is a piece of cake. Sticking to them is another story. The key? Add things to your list that are worth making part of your life long-term. 1.Set realistic goals Before addressing what it is you want to achieve this year, remember that a good goal is a realistic goal. More Read More

Working through the stages of your career

According to an article on fortune.com, by Ritu Anand, deputy head of global human resources at Tata Consultancy Services, there is an infinite amount of studies that show young women who enter the working world are full of ambition and confidence. However, as women progress in their careers, various situations and circumstances test their confidence, which must be addressed if their potential is to be Read More

Your financial health in 2021

Here are a few tips for how to get your finances on track in 2021. Determine your goals. Laying out your goals and writing them down is the first step to staying on the right financial track. What’s most important to you? Whether it’s saving for your child’s college or funding your own retirement, those will Read More

Find a mentor… to go further, faster

For many individuals the chances of finding a mentor are slim because their definition of mentorship is too narrow, says Michael Hyatt, the founder and CEO of Michael Hyatt & Company, a leadership development firm. Finding the right mentor “When most people use the term mentor, they mean a one-on-one coaching relationship with someone older and more Read More

[Global Insurance Trends] – Parametric Insurance

One of the major bi-products of the worldwide pandemic is the rapid change in customer attitudes. This change extends across all spheres of consumer markets including the insurance market. Customers are demanding a shift from traditional insurance products to policies which are aligned with technological enhancements and offer immediate claim resolution and cost-efficient insurance products. Read More

How women fare in the South African labour market

Has COVID-19 brought new issues to the table, or just highlighted inequalities that already existed? A recent survey investigating the socioeconomic impacts of the COVID-19 national lockdown has shown that, of the estimated three million job losses in South Africa between February and April 2020, twice as many jobs were lost by women than men. Read More

Legal talk: Access to justice as a human right

Human Rights are the fundamental rights that every individual is born with. These rights are based on the general values of society and are protected in the Bill of Rights, which forms Chapter 2 of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa (“Constitution”). The significance of the Bill of Rights lies in South Africa’s past: Read More