February 2021

How to make your 2021 vision board work for you

A vision board is a great way to keep track of your goals and stay motivated. After a year of sucker-punches and unexpected plot twists; a vision board is also a great way to remind future you what is important and what the bigger picture is when you hit a speed bump. Step 1: Decide Read More

How to empower women around you

Practice kindness True kindness starts with being kind to yourself. Are you constantly putting yourself down? Do you engage in body-shaming, towards yourself (or others)? Are you apologetic about what you want from life? People will look at how you behave first, before listening to what you have to say. Once you’ve corrected your critical Read More

The urgent need to address gender imbalances in the workplace

Although South African women are making great strides within the workplace, corporate South Africa has more work to do to effectively transform boardrooms. The COVID-19 pandemic has further exposed deep-rooted inequalities in social, political and economic systems, and has demonstrated the importance of the unique skills that women bring to societies. South Africa does not Read More

Women are under attack! Protect yourself in everyday situations

Gender-based violence is another ‘pandemic’ that is targeting South African women. You need to know how to protect yourself… We are constantly aware of our vulnerability, and our need for self-defense… We try not to walk on the streets alone, we guard our drinks when we’re at a bar (pre-pandemic), we hide our cash in Read More

Affirmations to help you ‘reset’ your inner voice

What does your internal voice sound like? Who do you hear talking to you when you do something great, or (sometimes more revealingly) when you mess up? Sometimes, we hear our own voice. Other times, the voice of a stern parent, or an encouraging friend. As we become older, we realise that our internal voice Read More

Spread good vibes only

It’s easy to be negative, but negativity is like a drug: the more you indulge, the harder it becomes to stop. Also, it leaves you feeling pretty bad. Ditch the bad attitude, and make a commitment to spreading good vibes only! Spreading kindness is the quickest, easiest way to positively impact the lives around you, Read More

Legal Talk: Harassment and Protection Orders

HARASSMENT What is harassment? When a person’s behaviour is so extreme, abusive or rude that it causes harm to another person or makes another person believe that s/he will suffer harm. This may include mental, psychological, physical or financial harm. Harassment may be caused, for example, by a person: following, communicating with, watching, or bothering Read More