August 2018

Legal Talk: Victims of sexual harassment should be careful of what they sign

When an employer and employee wish to resolve disputes between themselves a settlement agreement can be concluded where the parties agree to end their relationship. This agreement will typically also include non-disclosure obligations – provisions by which the parties involved agree not to disclose confidential information that they shared with each other as a necessary Read More

ADHD in women: Is this the cause of low self-esteem?

Your desk’s a mess, you missed your son’s soccer match, you’ve forgotten everything on your to-do list… or you don’t have one. Being forgetful, distracted and feeling like you can’t manage life’s many responsibilities can knock your self-esteem – but have you ever considered that it might be Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)? About four million women in Read More

Brave to be free

Many of us are caught up by a multitude of fears we may have – fear of failure, fear of looking like an idiot, fear of being alone etc. We need to be brave and have the courage to act, despite our fears, by always having hope – hope for something better and hope for Read More

Health screening tests for women: what and when

If prevention is better than cure, why do we often procrastinate about going for health screening tests? “Knowing the results from just a few important screening tests can help in the early detection of diseases like diabetes, hypertension and cancer. This in turn can lead to preventive measures or more successful treatment, which could have Read More

Procrastination… derailing you from saving

Procrastination can derail you from achieving your financial goals. People who have a healthy relationship with money understand that saving has very little to do with the size of your bank account, it all depends on your relationship with money. Eunice Sibiya, Head of Consumer Education at FNB, says “Most people would like to save Read More

Be financially free

Money exists to enable our goals and dreams. For some people, money is a status symbol – in effect an assumption that driving expensive cars will somehow earn us respect.  However, the reality is that this is stealing from our futures, to pay for the opinions of strangers, who truly will not be there to Read More

A nutritional guide… your 20s to your 50s and beyond

From your carefree twenties through to the busiest decades of your life, here is a nutritional guide for a healthy body and mind at any age Here are some pointers from Candice Smith, Head of Vitality’s nutrition strategy, on the best ways for women to pack in nutrients for a healthy body and mind. In your Read More