April 2021

Reach your dreams through vision boarding

Gauteng Women in Insurance (GWII) hosted its first online networking event of the year, on 8 March, with main sponsor Chubb, and co-sponsor Camargue. The theme of ‘reaching your dreams through vision boarding’ was the perfect fit to get us feeling positive and motivated for 2021. Wheel of life assessment Guest speaker Leeann Naidoo, of Read More

GWII hosts first Leaderwalk of 2021

In collaboration with Business Engage and the 30% Club, Gauteng Women in Insurance (GWII) hosted its first Leaderwalk of 2021 on 11 March, with main sponsor, Old Mutual Insure, and co-sponsors Camargue and Innovation Group. The Leaderwalk concept nurtures the advancement of senior management and aspiring leaders by providing a platform to share expertise, master Read More

GWII CPD session: Defamation and social media: a liability insurance perspective

On the topic of ‘Defamation and social media: a liability insurance perspective’, Gauteng Women In Insurance (GWII) hosted a Continuous Professional Development (CPD) session on 25 March, proudly sponsored by main sponsor Camargue, and co-sponsor Everinghams. Speaker Daniel Kidd, Director at Everinghams Attorneys, discussed a few case studies involving defamation in complex commercial and insurance Read More

Mind the (pay) gap

Women are doing incredible things, propelling the world forward in so many ways, despite the fact that gender inequality persists. South Africa still has a long way to go The International Labour Organisation’s (ILO) 2018/2019 Global Wage Report stated that in South Africa, women continue to be paid 28% less than men.  Even more alarming Read More

Words for a generation of fearless women

In her New York Times bestselling autobiography ‘Becoming’, Michelle Obama shares intimate insights into her struggles of navigating corporate spaces that were not designed for her during her tertiary education, legal career and, ultimately, the White House. She reminisces about the many times in her life when she had found herself to be the “only Read More

Food vs exercise: What makes the biggest difference?

Deakin University nutrition academic and dietician, Associate Professor Tim Crowe, explains the role exercise and nutrition play in weight loss: Searching for the best way to lose weight? Should the emphasis be on diet, or can the solution be found in the gym? Well, the answer lies somewhere in between In the red corner of Read More

Legal Talk: The consequences of paying an admission of guilt fine

You might be finding yourself in a situation where you are being accused of allegedly committing a criminal offence and have the option of paying an admission of guilt fine. Before considering paying the fine, you must first understand what it means and what the consequences are going to be if you do pay the Read More