Career women success stories…. Denleigh Wilensky

Celebrating successful women for all their hard work and effort creates a pathway and stepping stone for aspiring women who seek guidance, motivation and inspiration.

Gauteng Women in Insurance (GWII) recently chatted to Denleigh Wilensky, Managing Director of HIC Underwriting Managers, about her role as MD, the challenges she faces and how she maintains her work and personal life balance.

Q. In your role as MD, what is your strategy and motto for 2019?

A. Our motto for 2019 is 21 years of platinum service which we strive to give our partnered brokers who have supported us over many years. We want to enhance our products and processes and make dealing with HIC a pleasurable experience.

Q. As a woman in the industry what have been the challenges and opportunities that you have faced throughout your career?

A. I have been very fortunate in my career by being given opportunities and embracing them. Working hard and being dedicated to HIC over the past 19 years has given me an awesome opportunity to lead this business and take it to the next level. I am very excited about 2019 and have so many plans I want to implement this year to grow the business and make our brand more visible.

Q. What is the gap for you in identifying where women can be in the workforce?

A. I think a woman is capable of being at the top of the corporate ladder if she chooses to. Many women do not believe in themselves and just need some encouragement to take that step forward. You can have it all; be a mother, be a wife, an athlete and lead a business. If I can do it, anyone can!

Q. What is rewarding about your career?

A. My personal growth, and now, being able to give back by empowering women in my organisation. It is so rewarding seeing fellow women grow with a bit of encouragement and support. The opportunities are endless.

Q. How do you maintain work and personal life balance?

A. I have a great support system. I have a strong team behind me and a wonderful husband who I am celebrating 20 years of marriage with this year. He helps me with the kids and gives me great advice and support in all aspects of my life. I am really lucky to have him.

Q. What advice do you have for women who are career driven?

A. The best advice I can give any woman who wants to get further in her career is to work hard, don’t complain, be positive and passionate about your company and show your loyalty by being dedicated.