Affirmations to help you ‘reset’ your inner voice

What does your internal voice sound like? Who do you hear talking to you when you do something great, or (sometimes more revealingly) when you mess up? Sometimes, we hear our own voice. Other times, the voice of a stern parent, or an encouraging friend.

As we become older, we realise that our internal voice often belongs – or is heavily influenced by – the people who surrounded us growing up. For those of us with a particularly critical inner voice, we might need to work a little harder to start to ‘reset’ how we talk to ourselves, because this is what shapes us and makes us who we are (it’s science, people!). This takes time, practice, and self-awareness. The best place to start in this ongoing journey (because let’s face it – this doesn’t happen overnight) is with a few foundational, encouraging affirmations. You can use every morning, night, or whenever a negative thought pops into your head!

“I am enough.”

Start by knowing that you are here on this earth for a reason, and that your very existence means that you are ‘good enough’. This affirmation reminds us to not to let fear, feelings of inadequacy, or expectations hold us back from living our best, most authentic life.

“I am in charge of how I feel and today I am choosing happiness.”

Sometimes it feels as though we’re being buffeted about like a leaf in the wind, unable to choose what’s happening to us. Life isn’t always something we can control, but we can absolutely control how we respond to it.

“I have the power to create change.”

You are capable. You don’t need to wait for anything or anyone else to achieve your dreams. Decide what you want and go get it.

“I let go of all that no longer serves me.”

This isn’t about being selfish – this is about carrying around less emotional baggage, and not letting your hang-ups (whatever those may be) hold you back. Stop holding on to things and stop sweating the small stuff. Take a deep breath, and let it go.

This is the starting point for talking to yourself in a way that is positive, affirming, and healing. No more beating yourself up over small things; no more comparing yourself to others; no more self-doubt and self-denigration. Day by day, affirmation by affirmation, take control of how you see yourself by choosing a kinder inner voice.