Women’s Day Sponsor Messages

As Margaret Thatcher said: “If you want something said, ask a man. If you want something done, ask a woman.”

“Uyikho Konke“you are indeed everything!!!! Women have the willingness to listen, the patience to understand, the strength to support, the heart to care & just to be there. That is the beauty of a lady! Happy Women’s Day!"
Gerhard de Bruin
Chief Executive Officer


“As we all continue to juggle multiple roles, I share these insights that over the years have stood me in good stead. These have always been very useful, throughout my journey, as a mother, a wife and business executive.

  1. Compartmentalising comes in handy, along with a set structure and fine-tuned organisational skills. When you are doing something, try to be fully present.
  2. Practice your multi-faceted abilities. Women can do a great many things in many ways. Our capacity is boundless and, as women, we need to take full advantage of that.
  3. I’ve realised that serenity is a must have in terms of routine. Make time for tranquillity and calm.
  4. We cannot be superwomen all the time. It is crucial to have a solid support system in place. It is critical that we build networks of successful women around us. After all, it’s about the sun shining on all of us.

As women we have the ability to pursue our dreams in a courageous, committed and unapologetic way. Let us continue to lean into each other and create space for one another as we climb the ladder of success and break historical barriers.”
Lizé Lambrechts


"Uyikho Konke, You are everything. To all the women in our lives, and to all the women that make up Discovery Insure and the insurance market overall, you are truly wonder women, our real superheroes. Breaking boundaries, innovating, leading and rightfully claiming their place in society at large. All the while nurturing the world and making it a better and more balanced place for all. We appreciate the impact you make in the world every day."
Anton Ossip
Discovery Insure


"We salute you Queens. As the women that we know, that we see everyday and work with, we know that you have so many roles that you fill. We understand, as best as we can, that we need to do our part as organisations to support you. You graciously give of your time to family, friends, colleagues and your communities, most often at great strain to yourself.

We want you to know that you are incredible and not only today at this GWII/ IIG Women’s Day event we are hosting in your honour, but every single day that you make that decision to be present in all that you are. Mothers, wives, partners, career women, intra and entrepreneurs, mompreneurs, homemakers, teachers, chefs, and so much more.

Most importantly, you are queens. May you never forget that or let anyone question it. Thank you."
Cedric Masondo


“Strong South Africa Women, we have been tested this year, more than ever. We've left our virtual footprint in our corporate careers while keeping our families safe, healthy and happy during a global pandemic, extending our compassion and support to our communities in times of uncertainty in our country. We've absorbed loss, hardship and death. We have been challenged, and we are rising to the challenge. South African women are resilient. South African women, you are everything.”
Carli Jacobs
Head P&C Southern Africa | Director
Europe, Middle East & Africa, Swiss Re Africa Limited


Uyikho Konke – ‘we are everything’

“Throughout my life, I’ve been fortunate to have been surrounded by women who epitomise the spirit of Uyikho Konke.  Over the past 16 months, most of us have been tested like never before – we have taken on additional unexpected roles in the home, we have lost friends and family members, and more than ever before we have been the glue holding everything together.

It’s easy sometimes to lose sight of our own goals and aspirations when we are facing tough times.  Now it is more important than ever that we continue to use our strength, passion, power, and courage, and work towards becoming the best versions of ourselves.  Remember also to keep empowering the women that surround us, so that they in turn feel inspired to empower others. We are everything and so much more . . .”
Carla Jordan
Chief Financial Officer, Senior Executive Officer – International Business


“Marsh firmly believes in and supports gender equality. Empowering women is one of our greatest responsibilities. We strongly believe that a society is better when our women are given equal respect and are not taken for granted. At Marsh, we salute and celebrate our strong female workforce who have continuously defied the odds and are thriving in the broking and wider insurance industry. We at Marsh celebrate the ongoing mindset shifts and outcomes we have seen in our Women Empowerment Drives.”

In the words of the great icon Nelson Mandela “If you want to change the world, help the women”.

“Niyikho Konke eMzansi” – you are truly our country’s everything.
Spiros Fatouros
Marsh Africa


‘You are Everything’

"You are everything you choose to be! However, before all these titles/responsibilities, you are YOU and who you are shows up in every “hat” you wear! Some of these responsibilities can be “outsourced” but no one can ever be YOU and that is your superpower.

Just do the universe a favor, don’t hide your magic. You live everyday and only die once, so show up everyday authentically and live by your own rules. Do You! Be you! Celebrate yourself!!

It’s not about the number of hats we are wearing that counts, but the life we live with those hats on."
Thabile Nyaba
Chief Risk Office and also Chairperson of the Old Mutual Insure Women’s Network (OWN Insure)


“Constantia are delighted to be able to contribute to this year’s IIG & GWII Women’s Day event. We recognise the work that you do across our industry to help promote and recognise the wonderful woman working in our industry, helping enable equal opportunity – there is simply no place for any form of gender discrimination. The theme of ‘Uyikho Konke – we are everything’ is spot on, and I would like to personally thank and celebrate all the wonderful women in our industry, with a special mention to my Constantia Team, of which 65% are Team Venus!”
Peter Todd
Constantia Insurance


"You are everything. If the world as we know it, is going to survive for another 100 years, there is no doubt in my mind that it will have been because we had strong women leaders who took the reins. I only have to think of the amazing leaders in New Zealand and Finland, who are both young vibrant women to see how positive change is possible. A different view, one where the planet and all who share it come first, not profit or power. So yes, now more than ever you are everything."
Donovan Harvey
Managing Director
F & I Insurance