Women Mpowered Masterclass Series

About The Program

Join Preesha Persad, an empowerment specialist and coach, who is passionate about enabling women to unlock the magic that lies within. This immersive program empowers the 21st century modern woman to ignite her full potential in all areas of life and create a lasting legacy. The program has 3 focus areas:

  • Personal Transformation
  • Professional Development
  • Paying it forward (Contribution to communities)

Program Benefits

  • An integrated approach to achieve transformational change
  • Peer learning through enriching dialogue and shared experiences with like-minded women
  • Practical, easy to implement tools to create new habits and long lasting change
  • A powerful support networks to participate in conversation cafes, coaching circles and immersive experiences

What You Will Gain

  • A holistic, balanced identity that enables you to bring your best in everything you do, personally and professionally
  • A toolkit to successfully navigate the challenges you face daily
  • Increased confidence to ignite your authentic self and take charge of your future

Program Structure

  • A 2-hour virtual session held every week
  • Each session is a blended approach of reflection exercises, coaching circles and experiential learning through shared experiences

Target Audience

  • Women of all ages who are passionate about personal transformation, driven to succeed professionally and have a strong desire to make a positive impact by creating lasting legacies


  • Individual sessions - R275.00 each
  • 6 sessions - R250.00 each
  • 12 sessions - R225.00 each
  • All 21 sessions - R200.00 each


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