What is the best job for YOUR personality?

Take this quick personality quiz (developed by Oxbridge Academy) to help you match your personality and interests with potential careers.

If you are stuck in a career rut and are considering a complete career change, or if you have a matriculant in your household who has no clue what to do after school, this personality test will be really useful!

Ncumisa Makrayi, Senior Team Leader at Oxbridge Academy, which serves more than 20 000 South African distance learning students every year, says that a personality quiz will help you identify whether you are a Doer, Thinker, Creator, Helper, Persuader or Organiser.

Types of personalities

Below is a list of the different types of personalities: see what job you might be best suited for – or take the quiz if you are not sure.

  1. Doers are active, action-oriented, and able to take charge in situations. They are often confident and independent, yet sometimes quite reserved,” says Makrayi. Doer-careers require practical thinking, involve the use of your hands, and have concrete results or outcomes.
  2. Thinkers like to contemplate the world at a distance. They think before they act. They are also very curious and often come up with interesting new ways to solve problems. “If you are a ‘Thinker’, then you will flourish in work environments that give you opportunities to learn, require independent work, are stimulating, and do not require repetitive work,” notes Makrayi.
  3. Creators are spontaneous, love the unexpected, and hate monotony. “They can often solve problems in unique ways by looking at things from a different perspective, and they are also very sensitive, independent and enthusiastic. They flourish in jobs where they are allowed to do things their own way, without having to follow set patterns.”
  4. Helpers are social, friendly and good with communication, says Makrayi. “They are intuitive, sensitive to work environments, and great at dealing with emotions. They are also natural leaders and are usually very responsible. Helpers flourish in work environments where they can work with people, manage others, and take charge,” she says.
  5. Persuaders are assertive, social, ambitious and enthusiastic, and they like taking risks. “They are enterprising and entrepreneurial and make good managers.”
  6. Organisers pay close attention to detail, and are task-oriented, responsible and good with numbers. They use their mind to get things done, says Makrayi. “Organisers enjoy work that entails data collection and sorting, writing, using computers, or working with maths, numbers, data points and patterns."

The best decision for you, for now

“A choice of career made in your late teens does not mean that you need to stay in that field for the rest of your life. Many people change careers during their lifetime – either within a certain field by upskilling, or by studying a completely different field while they remain in their current employment. So, taking the pressure off yourself by committing to an approach of lifelong learning means you will be able to make the best decision for you, for now,” concludes Makrayi.

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Source: All4Women