Reach your dreams through vision boarding

Gauteng Women in Insurance (GWII) hosted its first online networking event of the year, on 8 March, with main sponsor Chubb, and co-sponsor Camargue.

The theme of ‘reaching your dreams through vision boarding’ was the perfect fit to get us feeling positive and motivated for 2021.

Wheel of life assessment

Guest speaker Leeann Naidoo, of Concordia says, a vision board is a visual representation of the goals you have.

"What better way to celebrate women this International Women's Day, than with vision boarding which is a useful tool to reflect on where we are, to where we want to be,” said Leeann.

In clarifying priorities for goal-setting, Leeann gave an interpretation of the wheel of life exercise, which the ladies had completed prior to the event. “It clarifies priorities for goal setting with eight categories including career, finance, personal growth, health, family, relationships, social life and spirituality. Once you identify the priorities decide on three action plans to close the gap, to where you would like to be in one years’ time,” she said.

“This exercise raises awareness and allows individuals to plan a life that is more satisfying and closer to their definition of balance. You need to see to your own oxygen masks first, before you help others... in other words, make yourself a priority. Reflect on all aspects of your life and see which areas need work. Find the gaps... work on your present, to determine your future,” she added.

Having scored themselves out of 10 on each aspect, the exercise presented the ladies with graphic illustrations of where they are now in their lives, and where they would like to be. Some key questions included how they feel about life as they look at their wheel, how they currently spend time in these areas (categories), which categories they would like to improve on most, etc.

With their key priorities identified, the next exercise for the ladies was bringing their vision boards to life.

Bringing a vision board to life

So, how do you make your 2021 vision board work for you?

“You need to keep your vision board positive, and make it a board of achievements, by keeping track of your goals and staying motivated. Breathe energy and life into your vision board… images, quotes, backgrounds, textures, timelines, birthstones, months etc. Colour psychology is also important in creating vision boards… colours are associated with different moods and meanings. Each person's design is unique to them. In vision board segmenting and planning... some are organized and structured, others are messy and just want to have fun with their boards,” said Leeann.

With their glass of wine or favourite cuppa tea and arts and crafts in tow, the ladies were required to take part in an activity to bring their vision boards to life.

With goal setting, mindfulness and other elements in mind, the ladies placed their photos that represent or symbolise the experiences, feelings, and possessions they want to attract into their lives, quotes, sayings, images of places they want to go, and just about anything that inspired them. Some picture examples included…

  1. Career - job title, company.
  2. Finance – asset acquisition e.g. houses, apartments, decorated rooms, cars, bicycles, boats, planes, fashion etc.
  3. Personal Growth – musical interests, sports interests, hobbies, personal development, reading, courses etc.
  4. Health - pictures of what you would like to do, outcomes you would want to achieve.
  5. Family – family goals, travel – maps, city icons, landmarks, holidays.
  6. Relationships - Pics of people together, words that represent how people interact, places where you want to go with various people.
  7. Social Life – Friends, places to go, new restaurants to try, new interest groups to join e.g. dancing or pottery class.
  8. Spirituality – pictures, quotes, symbols and people that inspire and encourage you.

Having fun with the process… creativity was the order of the day!

Neuroscience of vision boarding

It turns out putting your goals on paper in a visual format can actually help you achieve them. According to Jack Canfield “your brain will work tirelessly to achieve the statements you give your subconscious mind. And when those statements are the affirmations and images of your goals, you are destined to achieve them.”

“By representing your goals with pictures and images you will actually strengthen and stimulate your emotions because your mind responds strongly to visual stimulation. If you have already defined your dreams, it’s time to illustrate them visually,” said Leeann.

“In conclusion, look at your dream board often and feel the inspiration it provides. Read your daily affirmations and inspirational words aloud. Feel yourself in the future you have designed. Look at it just before going to bed, after a stressful day at work, and first thing in the morning, to motivate you. As you continue to grow, evolve and expand, your dreams will too,” she said.

Lucky draws

A few lucky ladies walked away with prizes. Congratulations to all our lucky draw prize winners who walked away with amazing prizes:

  • Sumaya Roskin and Michelle Govender won Typo prizes.
  • Leigh Cook, Kaylene Wellcome and Thea Brits won books by Leeann Naidoo titled, “The Mind Age: mastering your infinite mind for success for 2040 and beyond”.
  • Michelle Govender, Kirsty Robinson and Nontuthuzelo Ntwana won coaching sessions with Leeann Naidoo.

Thank you

GWII would like to thank main sponsor Chubb, and co-sponsor Camargue for their sponsorship and support for this event. Without our sponsors this would not be possible.

Thank you Leeann for inspiring the ladies to reach for their goals, and to all GWII members, thank you for attending this event. We hope that you feel inspired and motivated… and that you will continue to grow, evolve and reach your goals.

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