Could coffee protect you from dementia?

Could your morning cup of coffee protect you from dementia? It’s possible. According to Indiana University scientists, caffeine is among 24 compounds that have the potential to protect against dementia. How does it work? The 24 identified compounds work to increase the brain’s production of the enzyme NMNAT2. The protective effect of the enzyme was Read More

Don’t fall prey to financial demands

According to a press release issued by Citadel, numerous demands on your time and pockets mean that as a woman, it’s easy to stray from the path to achieving your fi nancial goals. Christelle Louw, an Advisory Partner at Citadel, offers some practical tips for avoiding common slipups and getting your own finances back on track. Strike the Read More

What’s next for you career wise?

Have you spent much time thinking about what’s best for you in your career or business? Are you ambitious for yourself? Recent research from Bain and Company demonstrates that men and women have the same level of ambition and confi dence when they enter the workforce. Yet after just two years, women’s ambition to reach Read More