Look after your teeth to help prevent Alzheimer’s disease

Now there is more reason to brush, floss and visit the dentist regularly – it could help prevent Alzheimer’s disease… Scientists have found that bacteria involved in gum disease can travel throughout the body, exuding toxins connected with Alzheimer’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis and aspiration pneumonia. They detected evidence of the bacteria in brain samples from Read More

Not losing yourself… in work or motherhood

Attending the needs of our children and responding to the demands of work may leave us with a sense of stripping us apart – especially when there can seem to be so many demands of both, often times appearing to be in conflict. In the effort to manage and give your energy to both, you Read More

The guilt of not getting things done

Leo Babauta, an author, vegan and minimalist says it happens to all of us: we do not get done what we hoped to get done, then we feel stressed or guilty about it. “It is time to let that go, because it is not helping us. We can build resiliency around this, with a little Read More

Requirements of a valid will

Case study: Sleeping Beauty heard from her friends that she must make a Will in order to provide for her family after her death. She does not know how to make a Will and what the requirements are for her Will to be valid. Sleeping Beauty approached Little Birdie at LegalWise for some advice. Little Read More

GWII members complete e3 Leadership Programme

The GWII e3 Leadership Programme, in collaboration with The Networking Company, has now come to a close. The course, which ran over a period of six weeks, supported women in their development and helped them to unlock their full potential by offering modules on personal mastery, branding & networking, innovation readiness, career management, leadership immersion, Read More

Women at the top will ensure SA becomes more successful

The benefits of women in the workplace are even greater than originally thought, according to a new study by the International Monetary Fund. If countries with low gender equality improved their equality ratings, they could see their economies grow by an average of 35% (South Africa was ranked 19th in terms of the 2018 global Read More

Handbag theft on the rise

Handbag theft is on the rise as criminals now see these bags as easy targets. Casey Rousseau, from 1st for Women Insurance said from the claims that they have discovered a rise in this form of crime. “This trend is particularly concerning for women as we live out of our handbags and the loss of one Read More

Legal Talk: Don’t talk to me, talk to my lawyer

Like with a doctor, every person needs a lawyer (legal professional) at some point in his/her life, be it to draw up a will, getting married, divorced or buying a house. It is important to establish when to deal with what type of legal professional. Legal professionals include attorneys, advocates and so on. Who is Read More

Indulge in self-care

When I picture my ideal life (on top of having the human chocolate that is Idris Elba as my husband), it also involves a lot more calm than is present in my current reality. Self-care is a regular conversation I have with my closest women friends. Between juggling careers, relationships, exercise, family and hobbies quality time seems Read More

Hemp – a new cure for ovarian cancer?

Could hemp be a new cure for ovarian cancer? Research into this cannabis plant’s cancer-fighting powers is promising… A plant-based treatment for ovarian cancer could be on the way. Researchers used cultured ovarian cancer cells to investigate the anti-cancer properties of hemp extract and the results are surprising. Why hemp? “Hemp, like marijuana, contains therapeutically Read More