GWII Mindful Nutrition event

Gauteng Women in Insurance (GWII) hosted a motivational event, on Thursday 18 November, with main sponsor Camargue.

Themed Mindful Nutrition, guest speaker Claire Julsing-Strydom, from The Networking Company and one of South Africa’s leading dieticians and co-founder of Nutrition Solutions facilitated this powerful session which was not about dieting - but about energy management.

She spoke to the ladies about the of the importance of mindful nutrition, in part four of the Resilience Masterclasses.

Fueling your body

Fueling our body for improved immunity, resilience and performance was the focus of this session - all about energy management.

Eating the wrong kinds of food and not drinking enough water lowers people’s ability to sustain energy and to think creatively.

It’s all about nutrition

What is the best diet for health? “There’s so much information out there over right or wrong and what is good and bad… following a study across different diets it all boiled down to eating food, not too much (limiting refined starches, added sugars, processed foods etc, limited intake of fats; with an emphasis on whole plant foods, with or without lean meats, fish poultry and seafood). We should be eating four cups of vegetables a day!”

“When you eat healthy carbs, proteins and fats, you get a balance of macro and micronutrients,” she said.

In setting out to establish improved immunity, resilience and performance, Claire said that individuals need to:

  • Understand the impact of the “glucose story” on energy levels - there is a connection between our sleep, wake and nutrition patterns, for example, having a late breakfast versus an early breakfast and late dinners etc. This creates a nutritional glucose/energy rollercoaster. We need a combination of healthy carbs, proteins (high fiber foods) and fats throughout the day, to maintain a stable glucose level and to maintain those energy levels. Eat high fiber foods, the right type of fats and oils and have portion control;
  • Gain insight into the 80/20 balance of need versus want foods (if you are hungry, eat mindfully – listen to your body, eat foods that are nutritious, plan your meals and drink water); and
  • Develop a strategic eating plan to ensure maximum energy management and understand how eating habits can be maintained. What you buy is what you eat – if you keep good food in the fridge, you will eat good food. Make healthy food easy to eat. Keep healthy foods available and ready to eat e.g. slice cucumbers into sticks for an easy to access healthy snack. Eliminate temptation foods.

“This is your journey, your life and your health. Roll with resistance, create crash landings and watch calorie stacking… start doing, stop doing and keep doing,” she said.

Lucky draws

Two lucky ladies walked away with prizes. Congratulations to our lucky draw prize winners who walked away with two Takealot Vouchers to the value of R1000 each.

Thank you

GWII would like to thank main sponsor Camargue for their sponsorship and support for this event. Without our sponsors this would not be possible.

Thank you, Claire, for guiding the ladies on good nutritional practices, and to all GWII members, thank you for attending this event. We hope that the toolkit mindful nutrition will fuel your body for improved immunity, resilience and performance.

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