Mindful Movement Event

Gauteng Women in Insurance (GWII) hosted a motivational event, on Thursday 14 October, with main sponsor Marsh.

Themed Mindful Movement, guest speaker Karin Green, from The Networking Company and one of South Africa’s leading Bio-kineticists, spoke to the ladies about the importance of movement, in part three of the Resilience Masterclasses.

Being physically active

When you are physically active you enhance your immunity and resilience by 30%.

Physical activity is now more important than ever, and unfortunately one of the Covid side effects is that people are sitting more than they’ve ever done, behind their screens.

Many companies support their employees’ health through wellness programs, gym

memberships and virtual fitness classes. Sometimes these measures are ineffective because people are anxious to leave their homes, they are experiencing higher work demands due to Covid, and people are exhausted trying to balance families and work.

A “do-able” gentle approach

Green discussed five elements of fitness, the importance of posture in maintaining energy and vitality, and how interval training is a key factor in developing a fitness programme.

The key elements that Green discussed include:

  1. The importance of creating a proper workspace (the correct way to sit, for example, at your desk -straight, with flat feet at a desk);
  2. The dangers of sitting too much (too much sitting decreases metabolism, causes muscle weakness and tightness, decreased body immunity, depression and lethargy, pooling of blood in the lower limbs and weight gain);
  3. The fundamentals of human movement (the importance of stretching for at least 30 seconds and getting up to walk around after at least 20 minutes of sitting at your desk;
  4. The importance of moving (to incorporate a combination of low or frequent and long or high intensity exercise components into your routines – when you do your exercise for at least 7 minutes a day, be mindful and present in the moment and focus on what you are doing… just get up and move); and
  5. Movement trends in 2021 (wearable trends are popular, for example, they count how many steps you take a day, which is good because at least 10 000 steps a day means you have done your exercise for the day, so these are good to invest in. Other trends include virtual fitness (virtual apps, classes etc) and also the fact that exercise is medicine… fitness boosts immunity, so moderate exercise daily, for about 20 to 40 minutes three times a week is sufficient).

Lucky draws

Two lucky ladies walked away with prizes. Congratulations to our lucky draw prize winners who walked away with two Takealot Vouchers to the value of R1000 each.

Thank you

GWII would like to thank main sponsor Marsh for their sponsorship and support for this event. Without our sponsors this would not be possible.

Thank you, Karin, for guiding the ladies on good movement practices, and to all GWII members, thank you for attending this event. We hope that the toolkit of mindful movement will enable you to become more fit and energetic, with increased and sustained vitality.

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