Janine Smith, GWII Founding Member reflects on GWII’s decade of success

It has been a great privilege to be a founding member of the Gauteng Women in Insurance. As a woman who started in the industry in 1995, I have witnessed how demanding the industry can be and how women in the industry have faced numerous challenges over the years.

Over the past decade, the industry has undergone a significant transformation. Women have increasingly embraced careers in insurance, breaking away from traditional gender roles. Women are now occupying key positions in insurance companies, underwriting management agencies, brokers, and administrators, ranging from executive positions to underwriting and claims management, broker management, marketing and sales, to name just a few.

Women bring unique skills and qualities to the industry. As women continue to make strides in insurance, it is crucial to continue to motivate and encourage the next generation of female professionals. The GWII has played a pivotal role in this, by providing a wonderful and safe platform for women of all ages to come together, learn from each and support one another. The GWII has held many spectacular and inspiring events over the years, which have played an essential role in nurturing young talent and empowering them to pursue careers in insurance, and at the same time encouraging the more experienced women, who have a responsibility to support and nurture younger women in the industry. It has been very heartening to see how many women, of all ages, stepping up, challenging norms, and making significant contributions to the industry as a whole. I have met so many amazing and strong women over the years from all walks of life, each of them giving me inspiration. I am especially excited by the young women I have encountered over the years who have given me incredible hope for the future of this very special industry.

The success of the GWII lies in the tireless work put in by the committee members over the years and all the amazing women in the industry who have truly embraced the GWII and continue to support events. It has also been so refreshing to see how many companies within the industry support this transformation and continue to be part of events and continue to sponsor events.

To the founding members, I say thank you for all the passion and commitment to starting this incredible organisation. To the committee members who have served before, to the current committee and those who will serve in future, thank you, you are all making an enormous difference in our industry and my heart is filled with pride.

I am so excited to see what happens next in GWII and the industry.


Janine Smith
Director – Sintelum