How to make your 2021 vision board work for you

A vision board is a great way to keep track of your goals and stay motivated.

After a year of sucker-punches and unexpected plot twists; a vision board is also a great way to remind future you what is important and what the bigger picture is when you hit a speed bump.

Step 1: Decide what you want your year to be about

The first step to creating your vision board is deciding what you want from the coming year, in some circles, this is called setting your intentions.

Keeping your intentions realistic and having some idea of how they can be achieved keeps your vision board positive and can eventually make it a board of achievements.

Step 2: Find representatives of your goals

Finding visual representations of what you want isn’t always as direct as finding a picture of what you want but can also be what that thing or achievement means to you.

For example, losing weight could mean feeling comfortable in a bikini or buying a specific outfit for yourself. Use these pictures to motivate you and remind you of your goal.

Pictures of feelings you want like love, comfort and happiness can also be part of your vision board as a reminder to do the things that make you feel that way or work towards the things that inspire those feelings.

Step 3: Put your Vision board together

Use bright colours and attractive decorations to put together your vision board. Make it something you enjoy looking at and have positive feelings about.

Avoid making it dull or plain so that it is not easily forgotten or overlooked. Also, consider where you are going to put your vision board so that you see it at least once every day. This will influence the size and materials you use to make your vision board.

Step 4: Start planning

Just looking at your vision board can give you positive feelings but putting those feelings into your action is the best use of your vision board.

Consider how your choices and actions affect you reaching your goals and whether something is important in the greater scheme of things based on the reminders from the vision board of your goals and what you want out of the year.

Step 5: Schedule a check-in

Checking in on your goals every three months is a great way of seeing your progress or (as 2020 has taught us) make other plans.

Your vision can change over time and you might want to do things differently and that is ok. Change your vision board to reflect the changes in your life and in your goals. Also, make your progress so that your vision board isn’t just a representation of what you want to achieve but also a representation of what you can and have achieved.


Source: All4Women