GWII – The Year of YES – March Challenge

The Year of Yes continues...

We hope you enjoyed February’s movement month. Now that we’ve nourished our bodies it’s time to nurture our minds.

March is Mental Health Month and is sponsored by QSURE.

What can you expect?

Positive mental health is crucial to each and every one of us as it can influence every aspect of our daily lives. Over the course of the month we will be sharing a weekly challenge with the goal of nurturing your mental resilience as well as sharing tips and tricks you can actively incorporate into your daily lives.

We have partnered with Gemma Oberholzer, Founder and CEO of WellBe Company, a corporate wellness consultancy that is on a mission to instil a culture of health and wellness in daily office life.

In addition to the weekly challenges, we would love to have you join us on the following days for a short online Mindful Moment where Gemma will share some actionable techniques to still our minds in the chaos of daily life as well as a webinar on mental resilience with WellBe.

Monday, 11 March: Mindful Moment
Monday, 25 March: Mental Resilience Webinar

We can’t wait to embark on this journey together with our GWII members as we embrace our mental health during the 10 challenges for 10 years of GWII.

Say YES to the challenge and join our Mental Health group on Whatsapp where all correspondence will be shared each week.

This challenge is brought to you by Leigh Potgieter, GWII Committee Member.

Should you have any queries regarding the challenges or March Mental Health Month, you can contact Leigh directly via email