GWII Mix n Mingle – Gardening Edition

Pulling out all the stops to bring members innovative new ideas to get them feeling positive and motivated for 2021, Gauteng Women in Insurance (GWII) hosted its first virtual Gardening Edition Mix & Mingle, proudly sponsored by Camargue.

Guest speaker Claire Reid, Founder and CEO of Reel Gardening, shared some tips on the ins and outs of gardening.

Reel Gardening Guru

In 2002, at the age of 16, Claire Reid found herself sitting in her vegetable garden with a tape measure between her knees and centimeter marks drawn on her fingers. She knew that she wanted to grow vegetables. However, she soon became frustrated by the wastage of seed and fertiliser and her inability to get the seed to stay in the soil at the correct depth and distance apart.

She asked her nanny, Meggi, to help her with this overwhelming task by holding the seed packet and passing her the seeds while explaining the instructions on the back of the packaging. Meggi was unable to instruct Claire on how to plant the seed as the instructions were only in English and contained mathematical language that Meggi was not able to understand. It was at this point that Claire decided she needed to create a way to both plant and keep the seeds and nutrients in the soil at the correct depth and distance apart, a form of planting that needed no mathematical or English education to understand, a form of planting that was simple, effective and easy to do in a short period of time. And Reel Gardening was the solution.

Reel Gardening was designed to be handmade by previously unemployed mothers to be able to make a positive social impact.

Reel Gardening created their very own seed tape, a really unique and easy way of creating and managing home gardens.

During the Virtual Mix ‘n Mingle the ladies found out more on how to use this really great design. Reel Gardening supplied Checkers with their “Little Garden” promotion, so you know how simple it is!  Do you know what to plant when?  Well Claire has made it so simple – visit the online store and look how simple it is!

For any companies out there, Claire has wonderful social impact projects ( that corporates can get involved in! We as GWII will most certainly add Reel Life NPC into our supporting charity box!

Lucky draws

During the course of the Mix & Mingle Virtual Gardening Edition, some ladies won a few lucky draw prizes. Thank you to our prize sponsors:

  • Camargue – sponsored three windowsill gardens from Reel Gardening;
  • CIA Building Insurance Specialists – sponsored two Karykase Yuppie Gift picnic baskets, each worth R1 100; and
  • Chubb – sponsored a hamper filled with goodies to the value of R500.

Thank you

Thank you, Camargue, for sponsoring our first virtual Mix & Mingle Gardening Edition. And thank you Claire, you are an inspiration to us all – no wonder you keep the likes of Richard Brandson in your company.

And to all the ladies who attended the session, we hope you found some useful tips to help you grow your own gardens.

Happy planting.