GWII Leaderwalk

Join GWII for the LeaderWalk - Reimagine, Unlearn and Relearn
•Speaker: Zanele Njapha
•Date: Tuesday, 14 June 2022
•Time: 08:00am
•Venue: The Venue Green Park (Pty) Ltd, 20th Floor Cnr West Rd South & Lower Rd, Morningside
Ever just wish you had an ‘eye for innovation’? The world's current rate of change demands that individuals and teams who wish to retain their relevance, completely re-imagine how they perceive and interpret their surroundings. True innovation only emerges when creativity becomes a way of life.
The strategies, habits, playbooks and even business models that served us in the past fall short of success in the current climate, so at this watershed moment, we are challenged to rewrite the script from what we know these to be. Nimble people and organisations understand that a culture of re-imagination is about consistently unlearning and relearning (letting go and grabbing hold).
NeuroCoach and Transitions Facilitator, Zanele Njapha, teaches a deliciously-simple 2 step process that will leave you rethinking everything you’ve ever known and have you never looking at anything the same way again!