GWII Leaderwalk: Unstucking for post pandemic success

In collaboration with Business Engage and the 30% Club, Gauteng Women in Insurance (GWII) hosted a Leaderwalk on 9 June, with main sponsor, Marsh, and co-sponsors Camargue, F&I Insurance, F&I Reinsurance and Genasys.

The Leaderwalk concept nurtures the advancement of senior management and aspiring leaders by providing a platform to share expertise, master skillsets and cement networks.

Unstuck leadership as a practice

Themed “Unstucking for Post Pandemic Success”- the topic focused on leaders being unstuck.

Guest speaker Zipho Sikhakhane, a global speaker, thought leader, writer, business strategist, and CEO of EMZ Advisory, advised delegates on how she became an unstuck leader, since March 2020, and provided insightful guidelines on saying yes and being committed to “Unstuck Leadership” as a practice.

“A leader who senses and enables emergence is more competitive, faster moving, and experiences heightened creativity. In other words, they are decidedly unstuck. Being a great leader is a constant journey that requires discipline and determination,” said Zipho.

“The environment today is full of uncertainty and disruption. In all of this change, how do organisations optimise and also ensure they do not get left behind?” Questioned Zipho.

“There needs to be authentic leadership in uncertain times, agility, a digital strategy framework and the use of opportunities presented by the crisis,” she added.

“In terms of leadership be truly present, listen and engage… reaching into the lives of your teams. Collaborate, include and consciously ask for team input. Leaders need to remain credible, trusted agents. Show vulnerability and maintain transparency to build loyalty. Focus on purpose and culture. Nourish yourself… great leaders operate from the best version of themselves. Lastly, pause and celebrate successes,” emphasised Zipho.

A discussion

We thank our table hosts (below) for accepting our challenge to facilitate discussions:

  1. Andre Pienaar (F&I Group)
  2. Audrey Husayihwevu (Aon South Africa)
  3. Golden Mbhalati (Guy Carpenter)
  4. Liza Morris (Bryte Insurance Company)
  5. Makolo Kalambaie (Willis Towers Watson)
  6. Peter Links (Marsh)
  7. Steve Von Roretz (Leppard Underwriting)
  8. Thabo Twalo (Santam Insurance)

In some of the feedback, table host Peter Links said, “Having a point of view is what challenges us. Personal commitment is what holds us accountable. Be confident, have a point of view and know that you are enough. If we believe this, we can change our industry.”

Audrey Husayihwevu said, “Different organisations have evolved since the pandemic and a lot of things have changed. We saw positives and there has been a lot of knowledge sharing, helping ourselves and others.”

On behalf of Steve Von Roretz, Jackie Baatjes said, “trust is a critical element… that makes the engagements more fruitful and more meaningful.”

In concluding, post pandemic, Andre Pienaar mentioned that the one thing is that we just have to get on with it and proceed… “Having a vision and seeing how others approach things will help us a lot.”

“In all the situations we face… we need to be able to grow out of them. Use the situations you are in now, and take those lessons to move on,” concluded Golden Mbhalati

“Each one of us has value… there’s value in diverse authenticity. Be present and do not draw so much on the past, to get a clear idea of future possible outcomes, so you can plan,” concluded Liza Morris.

Thank you

Thank you to all the delegates who attended this event, we hope that the session provided insightful guidelines on saying yes and being committed to “Unstuck Leadership” as a practice.

Thank you to our main sponsor, main sponsor, Marsh, and co-sponsors Camargue, F&I Insurance, F&I Reinsurance and Genasys for making this event possible!

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