Cope better with menopause

All women will go through menopause. How we cope with its symptoms however, may differ.

Here are some useful suggestions on how to cope better with some menopausal symptoms. Remember that you should always see your doctor if you are unable to cope with any of the symptoms.

Are you experiencing hot flushes?

Try to determine what is causing you to experience hot flushes, or flashes. Could it perhaps be triggered by stress, alcohol or maybe caffeine? If you are unsure, try making a note of when you experience it, what you ate or drank, and any other condition or circumstances that may induce it.

Try to keep calm and breathe deeply. Avoid stressing yourself further. Remember to dress comfortably and to keep yourself cool.

Trouble falling asleep?

Engaging in an exercise routine during the afternoon may help to promote a good night’s rest. Have you noticed this before?

Avoid exercising too close to bedtime though. Opt for exercises that help to relieve stress and calm down your body and mind. Meditation and yoga are good examples of such exercises.

You could alternatively engage in a quiet hobby, or activity that makes you drift off to sleep easily. For some people it may be reading, writing or colouring in, and for others it may be knitting or crocheting, etc.


Shenrina Badri