September 2019

Legal talk: parental rights and responsibilities

Ever wondered what rights and responsibilities you have as a parent? The Children’s Act 38 of 2005 provides that a parent has the following rights and responsibilities towards his/her child: to care for a child; to keep contact with a child; to act as guardian of a child; and to contribute to the maintenance of Read More

Is there a link between breast cancer and birth control?

Specialist surgeon Dr Justus Apffelstaedt was interviewed about whether there is a link between breast cancer and birth control… “Women living in the 21st century are blessed with many modern medical options of which our female ancestors would be envious, with birth control being one of the first that comes to mind,” says Dr Justus Apffelstaedt, a specialist Read More

Inga Beale inspires women to dream big

Whenever I meet female executives who have made it to the peak of success, I love to ask them if they ever imagined they would get there. Interestingly, women often tell me that, rather than ‘dreaming big’, they simply worked hard without knowing exactly where it would lead. I recently learned that even one of Read More

GWII and IIG celebrate YOU-(U)niqueness

The bohemian city chic is full of mystery and full of wonder, humble enough to know she is not better than anybody and wise enough to know that she is different from the rest! For she is unique, like no one that has ever been before or will come after. No one can speak with Read More

Empower women to thrive, and let others lead

One of the most powerful ways we can balance for better, no matter at what level, is to mentor and coach the next generation, building their confidence and empowering them to become the leaders of tomorrow. I have been a leader in the auditing world for more than 35 years (longer than I’d like to Read More