May 2021

GWII Mix & Mingle – Quiz Night

Gauteng Women in Insurance (GWII) hosted its popular online lockdown quiz night, on Thursday 15 April, with main sponsor, Discovery. With family and friends in tow, teams (consisting of friends and family members quarantined in one house or spread over the world) were in for laughter… with the fun quirky quiz session. It was a Read More

Research: women are better leaders during a crisis

When discussing the careers of women leaders, there’s a phenomenon referred to as the “glass cliff.” It’s an obvious relative to the term glass ceiling, which describes the invisible barrier to advancement that women often face when they are up for promotion to the highest levels of an organization. The “glass cliff” describes the idea that Read More

Slaying financial planning

Let me ask you some questions: do you know what your net worth will be in 5 years’ time? Do you know how much you would need to survive on if you lost your job today? Do you know what your dream wedding will cost? Do you know the exact date on which you will Read More

What women need to think about when starting a family?

Starting a family is a big milestone, it brings excitement and a bit of anxiety at the same time. Unfortunately for women, starting a family does carry a price tag; women often have to take maternity leave, and, in many instances, this means taking a pay cut for a couple of months until they get Read More

Cope better with menopause

All women will go through menopause. How we cope with its symptoms however, may differ. Here are some useful suggestions on how to cope better with some menopausal symptoms. Remember that you should always see your doctor if you are unable to cope with any of the symptoms. Are you experiencing hot flushes? Try to Read More

Discriminating against pregnant women

Pregnancy discrimination can take many forms, but women need to know that they’re protected and businesses need to know that they should cease and desist. There have been plenty of horror stories about how women have lost their jobs, been actively pushed out of companies, or treated unfairly because they’ve fallen pregnant. However, few realise Read More