March 2021

Personal finance mistakes to avoid in your 20s

To help other young women become more financially independent from an early age, Nomi Bodlani, Head of Strategic Markets at Allan Gray, reflects on common personal finance and investment mistakes she made in her 20s. If you can avoid these, you can better position yourself for financial success in your 30s and beyond. I remember Read More

GWII Mix n Mingle – Gardening Edition

Pulling out all the stops to bring members innovative new ideas to get them feeling positive and motivated for 2021, Gauteng Women in Insurance (GWII) hosted its first virtual Gardening Edition Mix & Mingle, proudly sponsored by Camargue. Guest speaker Claire Reid, Founder and CEO of Reel Gardening, shared some tips on the ins and Read More

Women’s representation on corporate boards needs to improve drastically

While half of the South African population and 45% of the employed workforce are female, only 20% of directors of JSE-listed companies are women. Corporate boards are failing to take advantage of the value of female business leaders’ diverse perspectives and networks, despite a “vast, untapped pool of qualified and capable women”, says the newly-released Read More

5 ways to increase income

One thing seems certain these days – the cost of living is increasing, but our wages and salaries just don’t seem to be keeping up. The cost of basic things like food, electricity, water, fuel and rent are causing many people to pull in their belts, or at least rethink their spending habits. Here are Read More

Reaching your goals

Dangerous Dreaming Dreaming is great, but at some point, it needs to be replaced with something more constructive. According to researcher Gabriele Oettingen, too much positive visualisation can have a demotivating effect: living in ‘fantasy’ and spending too much time visualising removes the impetus to take action. People who live in the clouds too much Read More

The power of positive thinking

“Life is difficult.” This is hard to argue with. This is also the opening line to Scott Peck’s bestselling The Road Less Travelled. The reason Peck begins this transformative book in this way is that we all understand, feel, and relate to this statement. It’s the truth. But – what’s the point in dwelling on that? We Read More

Six networking mistakes women (and men) make

Networking has been cited as the number one unwritten rule of success in business. It is a good part of what begins to separate the pretty successful from the very successful on the second leg of your career…and beyond. Here are the mistakes women (men too, but mostly women) tend to make according to Sallie Read More

Legal Talk – You have been accused of an offence

There are certain notifications that can be sent to a person, who allegedly committed an offence (“the accused”), and it is of utmost importance to understand what these different notifications mean. These notifications will inform the accused of the charge made against him/her and that s/he has to appear in court on a certain date. Read More