June 2023

GWII Mix N Mingle – Golf Masterclass

Gauteng Women in Insurance is hosting a one-day golf masterclass, aimed at non-golfers, to teach women the rules and fundamentals of the game and provide practical experience on the golf course. The event will include networking opportunities with industry experts and professional golfers. This event provides a unique opportunity for women in the insurance industry Read More

Legal talk: Feminism in South Africa and its legal influence

The concept of feminism is often misunderstood and associated with women who bear sentiments of anger towards men. Feminism is also often associated with false stereotypes, such as “Feminists hate men”, “Feminists are angry”, “All feminists are career women and do not support stay-at-home moms” and so on. This is far from the truth and Read More

Helpful tips for dealing with anxiety

Anxiety can be caused by many factors, like stress at work or school, illness, and the loss of a loved one. You might have anxiety because your brain is wired that way; it’s natural for some people to worry more than others. Given the ongoing global pandemic and many uncertainties that are occurring in our Read More

How to get back your inner strength

Spend some alone time on focusing solely on spoiling yourself, working on yourself, and getting back your inner strength. It is important that you reflect on your life as a woman and think of ways to reward yourself for getting this far in your remarkable life. It can sometimes be difficult to praise yourself when Read More

Putting women on top of the leadership agenda

What do countries with the best crisis responses have in common? Leaders who are women. There are countless scientific studies to explain why this is the case, like the study by Harvard Business Review which found that women tend to outperform men when it comes to leadership. We’re all familiar with the term ‘glass ceiling’ and Read More

Decades of saving: Women should prioritise themselves

Women may live longer than men, but they often earn less. According to Oxfam, globally women earn 24% less than men and when you factor in the extra time working women spend on household and childcare responsibilities, it’s estimated women work an average of four years longer than men. We’re sharing some important tips to Read More

CPD Session: How AI and automation help improve the claims experience

On the topic of how AI and automation can help improve the claims experience, Gauteng Women In Insurance (GWII) hosted a Continuous Professional Development (CPD) session on 17 May, proudly sponsored by Old Mutual Insure. Guest speaker, Antonia Oakes, Old Mutual Insure’s Executive for Customer Experience and Responsible Business spokes about how AI-enabled customer experience Read More

GWII Motivational/Networking Event: Train Your Brain

Join GWII on 21 June for the Train Your Brain event Date: 21 June 2023 Time: 11:00 – 14:00 Venue: Bryanston Country Club Dress Code: Business Attire Theme: Train your Brain Speaker: Doné van Wyk Speaker Topic: Mindfulness for Peak Performance: Brain Training Techniques for Success Speaker Bio: Unlocking the power of the brain is Read More

GWII LeaderWalk – Transformational Leadership

Join GWII for the LeaderWalk – Transformational Leadership Which leaders currently inspire and motivate you? What is it that they do differently and how do they make you feel? Transformational Leaders focus on elevating others. They encourage and inspire individuals to innovate and develop new ways to grow and improve the path to future success. Read More

Working through the stages of your career

According to an article on fortune.com, by Ritu Anand, deputy head of global human resources at Tata Consultancy Services, there is an infinite amount of studies that show young women who enter the working world are full of ambition and confidence. However, as women progress in their careers, various situations and circumstances test their confidence, which must be addressed if their potential is to be Read More