February 2024

A basic guide to claiming UIF in South Africa

Life can be unpredictable, and often circumstances outside of our control lead to unfortunate outcomes, such as being retrenched or being let go because of company restructuring, for instance. Naturally, many people literally cannot afford to be unemployed for an extended time, and with job scarcity on the rise, it is becoming more and more Read More

Do you struggle with building a network? 5 networking tips for women

A woman in one of our leadership programs bristled at the idea of strategic networking. “It’s self-serving and political — and not who I am,” she said. She isn’t alone in her reaction. Many women in our leadership programs tell us they resist networking. The problem is, a network left to chance isn’t the network Read More

How to empower women around you

Practice kindness True kindness starts with being kind to yourself. Are you constantly putting yourself down? Do you engage in body-shaming, towards yourself (or others)? Are you apologetic about what you want from life? People will look at how you behave first, before listening to what you have to say. Once you’ve corrected your critical Read More

PwC ED Report: Women slow to rise to top positions in corporate SA

The Executive Directors report addresses the war on skilled female talent and looked at how many companies are struggling to retain their key and critical skilled employees. Research that came out of PwC South Africa’s 2022 Executive Directors Report shows that very little progress has been made in balancing gender representation in senior positions at Read More

9 habits of financially savvy women

Financial independence for women is not a luxury, but a necessity. Instead of being intimidated by managing money, women should feel empowered to take control of their finances. Women live longer than men by at least 5 years, and a study done by PwC shows that South African women are consistently paid less than their Read More

Lead by example – looking after your management team!

What do you ask of your management team? Demonstrate accountability for your actions and decisions. Showcase a strong work ethic by consistently putting in effort and working diligently. Communicate clearly and openly. Collaborate by actively participating in team activities and projects. Demonstrate a commitment to learning and development. Exhibit strong problem-solving skills. Embrace change and Read More

Meet the new GWII committee members

  Leigh Potgieter Assistant Marketing Manager     QSURE            Tell us a little about yourself and your insurance career. I didn’t exactly go looking for a career in the insurance industry but having stumbled into it 15 years ago, I knew its diverse and challenging landscape was one that I wanted to be a part of. Read More

GWII – The Year of YES – February Challenge

Are you ready to SAY YES? It’s the Year of Yes and we promised you that we would get you out of your comfort zones with 10 challenges for 10 years of GWII. February is Movement Month and is sponsored by Garrun Group. What can you expect? We will set weekly challenges for you, which Read More