April 2018

Volume 45 – April 2018

Let’s talk about the value of Women in SA

Dubbed the Liberty Blue Table Sessions, financial services group Liberty, has launched a series of online conversations to unearth the value women bring to the economy in a time of COVID-19 and beyond. Women in South Africa are the backbone of the economy. According to a Flux Trends Report on the Worth of Women, they Read More

The 20 best networking questions to ask

Communication experts agree that questions are a great way to build rapport and demonstrate interest in others while also gathering important information. Networking events are the perfect time to stretch your questioning skills. By asking a few thoughtful networking questions, you can learn a lot about the person in front of you, their field and Read More

Taking control of their financial journey is key to empowering South African women

The recently released 2018 Momentum/Unisa Household Financial Wellness Index revealed that close to half of all South African households (44,15%) were ‘Financially Exposed’. What this means is that while these households may currently enjoy relative financial stability, they are just one decision or one incident away from either being Financially Unstable or Financially Well. This Read More

Customary law and divorce – know your rights

David Thomson, Senior Legal Adviser at Sanlam, breaks down all you need to know about customary law, so you can make an informed decision should you want out of your customary or traditional marriage. A customary marriage For a partnership to be recognised as valid under customary law, the following requirements must be met: • Read More

Finding your work/life/play balance

Work-life/play balance is defined as the ability to divide one’s time between working, family and leisure activities. There is much debate on the concept of ‘balance’ and the inconsistencies of what balance means to different people. Research on this subject has looked into whether having or not having this balance is detrimental to one’s health Read More

Even Superwoman needs a sick note occasionally

Our strength and resilience are acknowledged. So is our versatility. We are often praised for our multi-tasking abilities – a backhanded compliment as multi-tasking is largely a myth. Our coping skills are also lauded as we juggle the demands of home, marriage, children and career. But let’s be realistic. Women pay a price for soaking Read More

Don’t fall prey to financial demands

According to a press release issued by Citadel, numerous demands on your time and pockets mean that as a woman, it’s easy to stray from the path to achieving your fi nancial goals. Christelle Louw, an Advisory Partner at Citadel, offers some practical tips for avoiding common slipups and getting your own finances back on track. Strike the Read More

What’s next for you career wise?

Have you spent much time thinking about what’s best for you in your career or business? Are you ambitious for yourself? Recent research from Bain and Company demonstrates that men and women have the same level of ambition and confi dence when they enter the workforce. Yet after just two years, women’s ambition to reach Read More