A list that’s worth making part of your life, long-term

Making new year’s resolutions is a piece of cake. Sticking to them is another story. The key? Add things to your list that are worth making part of your life long-term.

1.Set realistic goals

Before addressing what it is you want to achieve this year, remember that a good goal is a realistic goal. More importantly, it’s a specific goal. Treat your life goals or resolutions like you would any big project – make a detailed plan, and then take action step-by-step. Make your end goal something measurable. For example, not just “get fit”, but rather, “run a 5-minute mile by June.” Specific. Measurable. Realistic.

2.Don’t spread yourself thin

Women especially have a tendency to overpromise, and overdeliver. The result? Burnout. Exhaustion. Frustration. There’s a huge buzz about ‘self-love’ these days – it’s strange, but this topic wouldn’t be so big if we hadn’t all forgotten how to care for ourselves. Learn how to say ‘no’; you’ll thank yourself later.

3.Be the change

There’s a lot of negativity everywhere, and unfortunately, it’s highly contagious. Commit to being the person who sees the glass half full. We’re not saying you need to live in denial, but it’s possible to not engage in the negative stuff at every turn. What’s more, you’ll see the ripple effect your positivity has around you (luckily, good vibes are also contagious), so this year, choose to spread more joy.

4.Get skills

Wherever you are in your life or career trajectory, it never hurts to add a little self-improvement to your personal to-do list. The world of work isn’t what it used to be; there isn’t a clear path or on a single route to success. Today, being indispensable means being committed to constant improvement and learning. Good for your brain, good for your confidence, and most likely good for your professional life: study further, do a short course, or read up on a topic that gets you excited. It’s never, ever too late.