5 ways to increase income

One thing seems certain these days – the cost of living is increasing, but our wages and salaries just don’t seem to be keeping up. The cost of basic things like food, electricity, water, fuel and rent are causing many people to pull in their belts, or at least rethink their spending habits.

Here are 5 ways to not just survive, but thrive, in today’s difficult economy:

Change your attitude

First things first – if you’re struggling with money, or simply looking to boost your income, leave the blame and the excuses at the door. Sometimes circumstances are tough – but complaining about the economy, your bad job, your unappreciative boss, or how unfair life is won’t achieve anything. Adjust your mindset. Decide that you and only you are in control of your finances, and then put your best foot forward with determination.

Make a plan

Stop dreaming and start planning. Goals are great to have but having them without a detailed plan is like booking a week in Mauritius but neglecting to get a plane ticket. Have a hobby or skill you can monetize? Want to work overtime or get a higher paying job? Need to cut down on unnecessary spending? Write it down, figure it out, and #justdoit.

Work smarter

Earning more does not mean you have to work longer hours and burn yourself out. If you’re more productive in the early morning, or in the evening, harness that. We are all different and know what we need to be more productive. When you figure that out, you can start considering other things, like an additional part-time or freelance job. When you’re smart with your time, you can get way more done.

Know your worth

Are you long overdue for a raise? Are you working for much less than you should? Are you under-charging clients? Normally, you know when this is the case. Approaching the right people about this is the right way is all you can do, but these things don’t happen because you sit quietly hoping you’ll be noticed.


Who do you spend your time with? People who are positive and encouraging, or people who sit around complaining? People who have goals, or people who are apathetic? Who we surround ourselves impacts our outlook and, ultimately, our behavior. When you connect to other people who are making things happen, they may even invite you along for the ride.