5 Reasons you hair just isn’t growing

The way you look can sometimes be a window into your health and wellbeing

The way your hair looks can also give you some insight. While our hair grows at different rates, in different textures and different colours your hair should always grow.
Here are 5 health issues that could be behind your hair not growing.

Vitamin and mineral deficiency

Healthy hair needs good nutrients. When you aren’t getting the nutrients your body needs to function, it slows down some of the work it does to give priority to vital functions.
Make sure you are eating right and supplementing nutrients like iron, zinc, iodine and selenium if you suspect your hair growth could be affected by a vitamin and mineral deficiency.

Your scalp is not unhealthy

Healthy hair needs a healthy scalp to grow. This isn’t just about what your scalp looks like, but also the quality of the skin.
If your scalp is sunburned or understimulated the skin and lack of sufficient blood flow could be behind your hairs slow growth or your hair looking like it is not growing at all.

Your hair is breaking faster than it is growing

Sometimes the secret to long hair is retaining your hair growth. Split ends, a damaging styling routine could be breaking off your hair faster than new hair is growing.

This means your hair is growing, but it just doesn’t show because it is also breaking.

Heat and chemicals

Styling your hair with heat and chemicals might give you the style you want, but if the tools you use for styling are too harsh, it will damage the hair you want.

Heat and chemicals don’t only affect your hair; they could also affect your scalp and could cause skin issues on your scalp that also affect hair growth.

Hormones and age

As you age and your hormone balance changes, your hair could be affected.

At certain stages (mainly in women’s lives), your hair could seem to be growing longer and thicker in one hormonal phase and seem to become thin and lacklustre in another.

Some pregnant women grow thicker and longer hair because of the shift in their hormones. While some menopausal women experience hair loss, thinning and lack of growth.